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7721Burning Ram Found Items

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  • suzannebarbara
    Aug 20, 2014

      Burning Ram 2014 Found Items


      Chopper STX glove

      Brown/black work glove

      Black rubber-palmed elastic gloves, pair

      Winnie the Pooh umbrella stroller

      Blue bag chair with blue bag, not matching

      Green bag chair without bag

      Black floatation ring

      2 beach balls

      Set of Remington Knives in sheath

      Bottle opener ring

      Stud earring

      Thermal lunch bag

      White quilted arming cap

      Black arming cap

      Gray towel

      Blue towel

      Blue washcloth

      White corduroy fabric

      Gray Puma socks

      Blue Roshco casserole dish

      Assorted BBQ and serving utensils

      Black arming cap


      To claim your item(s), please email Ardanroe Constable Jurgis Bebra at ladyjoya AT gmx DOT com. 


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