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7713Scroll Competition at Fall Coronation

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  • davidduggar
    Aug 18, 2014

      Copy/pasting from Gleann Abhann yahoogroups as I don't know how to forward when _in_ yahoogroups. (Reply button - but no forward button) - err. -- Rory

      To all Scribal Artisans of Gleann Abhann,

      Their Royal Highnesses request all scribal artisans to show their renowned skills and participate in the October 2014 Coronation Scroll Pre-Print Challenge! The goal is to help the scribal community to challenge themselves to show off their talent in the scribal arts. This will aid the Kingdom in providing fresh and new scrolls as the Crown recognizes worthy members of the populace. Prizes will be awarded to all winners!

      The challenge will consist of two competitions:

      The first competition will determine best Jeweled Ring, Sovereign’s Letter of Endorsement, and Ram’s Heart. Scrolls must include both calligraphy and non painted illumination. Their highnesses desire creativity for their future reign and any period illumination/ calligraphy can be used so long as both illumination and calligraphy match the period chosen for the scroll.

      The second competition will determine the best AoA level non-illuminated scrolls, showing off the best calligraphy of our Kingdom’s scribes! Any period calligraphy can be used and space should be left blank on the scroll for illumination to be designed and painted later by illuminators who are given the pre-print to finish, including badges. The populace will choose the best calligraphy for Award of Arms, The Order of the Combattant Ram, The Order of the Arrow and Bolt, The Order of the Onyx Chalice, The Order of the Silver Ram, The Order of the Shepherds, and The Order of the Lambs.

      For both parts of the challenge more than one scroll per person can be entered. Wording for all Kingdom scrolls can be found in the files section of the Gleann Abhann Scribes Yahoo group or the Unofficial Scribes of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann Facebook group page. Their Royal Majesties names on the scrolls will be left blank. Well documented entries will help determine which scroll wins!

      Any questions please contact Lord Conall at JSWilson3 AT aol DOT com.

      In humble service,Lord Conall O CaindealbhainTopaz Signet DeputySLE, OSR, OAB