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601RE: [ardanroe] Re: Girl's movie night

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  • Duggar, David
    Mar 1, 2008
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      From the emails it appears that:


      The Other Boleyn Girl is playing at Tinseltown

      The girls will attend the 4:00 p.m. showing of the movie.

      Those able to afterwards will go somewhere to eat.


      The guys are babysitting or doing reserve stuff or work or …





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      Hey guys, I've been sorting through the email traffic and I'm a wee bit confused.  Was there any resolution?  Is there some kind of confirmation as to if we'll be going to the earlier or later show, or meeting up beforehand at a particular restaurant?  It's almost 3 and I dunno if ya'll will be at the 4pm showing.

      "Sarah L." <hrldndva@gmail. com> wrote:

      Beth, Becca, and I will all be there!




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