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2146Re: [ardanroe] All Feastocrats - all past & all who want to be!

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  • Sarah L.
    Jul 1, 2009
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      On the first part of your question- I have no idea if there are any folks in the Shire (or nearby) who have Viking cooking skills. 

      On to the rest of your question- I would strongly caution against advertising on the Kingdom E-list for potential feast cooks or other major staff.  While Ardanroe does not manage to pull off wonderful events 100% "in house," as a shire, we've always been really selective about who to offer key positions to if those people reside outside of our borders.  For example, before we offered Rebecka the opportunity to co-steward last year's Winter Wonders, the Shire talked about it, because there's a lot of chaos factor that can come with having a key player that we don't see twice a month.  With a feast cook, we'd not only be dealing with that factor, but also with the factors of not being nearby to help prep and not being able to help store pre-cooked items in our freezers and other 'support' issues... plus, and this is not to sound mean- when you openly advertise a position kingdom-wide, you can't control who might respond.  If Joe the Viking Guy from Gulfport, MS swore that he did the best Viking feast ever, would we really want to take his word for it and trust him with the feast budget if we didn't know his cooking or reliability?  It is a far better idea to consider who you think might do the job well, talk to the shire about it if they don't live here, and then approach them directly. 

      Now speaking as 1/3 of the Financial Committee, I will say- if a bid has clearly been well thought out and worked on in good detail, but some bits haven't been ironed out, I am not going to hold it against the steward when I'm considering my vote (but I won't speak for the other 2).  I think it is plain silly to try to have the event's full schedule lined out this far in advance, for example, and it's hard to get teachers to commit to classes 9 months out.  Likewise, it might be hard to find a feastcrat to commit, now, to a "maybe" feast, and there's also the possibility that you can find a very eager feastcrat close to home if you're willing to bend your ideas of what you precisely want. 

      I can tell you're working hard on your bid, and I personally think that's wonderful, but don't hurt yourself trying to make it perfect on paper.  After all, whoever is awarded the bid will need something to keep them busy until January, so they should save at least a few details for then.

      (Just my two cents- Rory and Dana may disagree 100%)


      On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 6:28 PM, Beth Kilburn <iamanirishrose@...> wrote:

      I know this is a little down to the wire for Winter Wonders bid submissions. I just realized this was the one thing I've not done even though it's one of THE most important parts of my bid!

      Is there a Viking group close enough by that I can contact to see if they'd like to/be willing to do WW feast? Or individual with a Viking persona who would like to/be willing to be Feastocrat? (I would NOT turn any of you down if you indicated ya'll wanted to do it or would be willing!). If anyone has an answer, please email me.

      Also, post reply if you think I should post this to the GA yahoo group list, too. These are my only two GA yahoo groups.


      Do not cease to drink beer, to eat, to intoxicate thyself, to make love, and to celebrate the good days.  -- Ancient Egyptian Proverb

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