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2144All Feastocrats - all past & all who want to be!

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  • Beth Kilburn
    Jul 1, 2009
      I know this is a little down to the wire for Winter Wonders bid submissions. I just realized this was the one thing I've not done even though it's one of THE most important parts of my bid!

      Is there a Viking group close enough by that I can contact to see if they'd like to/be willing to do WW feast? Or individual with a Viking persona who would like to/be willing to be Feastocrat? (I would NOT turn any of you down if you indicated ya'll wanted to do it or would be willing!). If anyone has an answer, please email me.

      Also, post reply if you think I should post this to the GA yahoo group list, too. These are my only two GA yahoo groups.

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