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Re: What's your P18 topend / P15 lowed? + Strap Setting suggestion

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  • jakobjth
    Just want to add that I noticed last time in light wind that where is quite a big difference in power if you let the internal strap out or in (most power with
    Message 1 of 12 , Oct 1, 2004
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      Just want to add that I noticed last time in light wind that where is
      quite a big difference in power if you let the internal strap out or
      in (most power with strap out). The projected area of the p18 is
      equal to that of a 16LEI... so you really can't expect to get more
      power out of it...


      --- In arcusers@yahoogroups.com, "tswierkocki" <tswierkocki@y...>
      > Hi Guys,
      > I'm 75 kg and mostly ride a LF Drop 130 or strapless surfboard. I
      > can really only get going on a strapless surfboard in 10 MPH with
      > P-18. Yeah you can milk it in less then 10 MPH with 40M lines but
      > not really worth it unless you have not ridden in a week. On 40M
      > lines in the really light stuff the kite is strange since you can
      > generate enough apparant wind to ride but it doesn't go upwind very
      > well (kind of like a stack). Probably due to too much drag. One
      > thing I can say is the P-18 flies incredible well even in 10 MPH.
      > Compared to my G1-15 and B-17 i would say the difference is that
      > P-18 become usable (jumps and wave riding) a lot earlier than the
      > 15 or B-17. The other thing about the P-18 is there is a fine line
      > between underpowered and nicely powered. Seems to me that in 10
      > I can cruise but get a gust over 12 MPH and the kite comes alive.
      > To answer your question though the P-18 is not a lightwind
      > No jumps at 10 Knots for me. I think the power of the P-18 is
      > equal to about a 16M LEI (North Rhino4).
      > My guess is that the P-18 and P-15 have a ton of overlap with the
      > difference being that the P-18 becomes useable (jumps and wave
      > riding) a lot earlier. But you can probably start to cruise on
      > in about the same wind. The P-18 will be parked but you will be
      > working the P-15.
      > -Tom
      > --- In arcusers@yahoogroups.com, "Big Kahuna Ocean Sports"
      > <captpaul1@y...> wrote:
      > > > Does anybody have any info on the P18 turning speed compared to
      > > > G II 15 and a P15 ?
      > >
      > > I've flown both the P18 (lots of times now) and the P15 (one good
      > > session so far) and I'd say the P15 is "proportionally" faster in
      > all
      > > respects to the P18. The P18 turns faster than either the 2003
      > > or G15, and with good "arc" flying technique, I can get the kite
      > > pivot on it's tip. I recently moved from 30m lines to 27m lines,
      > and
      > > it makes a marked difference in response / turning speed. I also
      > > tried a 75cm bar (usually fly it with a 60cm bar) and didn't like
      > the
      > > added effort to turn the longer bar created. The P18 is now my
      > main
      > > kite, and use it from 15mph to 28mph (although I will be using
      > > P15 from now on if the wind is consistently over 20mph)
      > >
      > > > what low end do 75kg guys (135 - 240 boards) get on the 18 ?
      > > > acceptable (more than 3m high, more than 2sec. hangtime)
      > > > below 10kn ?
      > >
      > > Maybe Tom will jump in here (he's one of the resident "normal"
      > weight
      > > P18 fliers ;-)). But I found that the P15 had -almost- as much
      > > bottom end as the P18 (if you didn't mind sining the heck out of
      > the
      > > P15). I'm not a big jumper (more into waves) but the P18, at
      > > to me, seems like a jumping machine. I have no problem at all
      > > boosting 1-2 meters without sending the kite at all (wakestyle
      > > jumps). There's a lot of overlap between the P18 and P15, but
      > > glad I have both.
      > >
      > > Oh yeah, I weigh 230lbs/105kg.
      > >
      > > Paul
      > >
      > > http://www.gobigkahuna.com
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