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36272Broken spars? Here's a tip where to buy carbon tubes to make new ones (Europe)

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  • Stefan Lindmark
    Oct 16, 2013

      New twinskin owner. First post here.

      I recently bought a used Venom 19 with one broken spar and one of the wrong length. When looking for replacement carbon tubes I found that many online stores only ship shorter lengths, due to problems with shipping packages > 1 meter long.

      Here's a European store that sells and ships 2 meter carbon tubes/rods of various dimensions. Arrived undamaged with UPS at my door less than a week later. I just inserted a 10 mm / 2 meter tube into the kite, sawed it off and attached the old plastic tube ends. Done. 

      I also ordered an 8 mm carbon rod at the same time. If a spar ever breaks I can either insert a rod piece to repair or chop up the spar into 4 shorter pieces and convert it into a collapsible spar instead.