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  • Mark Hoeppner
    Nov 14, 2010
      Hi Aaron  ,So glad i asked everyone what kite best in large sizes and found such a good deal.(hazzards).Day before had tore foot rip on 13mVenom2 on driftwood.Had to fly 18m Guerilla 1.It pulled some in park but i still wasnt going upwind very well.When i jibed it was so slow my turns took a big slide down wind. couldnt surf waves.Tacking; power sines were tiny. if got lulled a bit you couldnt regain with power sines the kite would just die and you had to jellyfish pump,bar pressure would wear your arms out  just pulling bar and trying to turn it. All those negatives went away with Charger 19m. It flew well on settings right out of bag and guys are right dont remove VPC on the medium and large Chargers.Probly leave all settings on straps and VPC as they come and try the faster turning settings some day when its down wind in surf day.   When you look at 18m G1   and 19m Charger you wouldnt say there is a huge difference but flying there is!!   Wow i just couldnt believe it when you said the 19m was your "go to first"  I weigh 208#
      .How much do you weigh?I guess on water you ride twin tip? Was first scared when gusts were in 20 mph then found i was just gettin further upwind fine.Will you ride 19m  in 22 mph and more?or is it scary       as not enough depower?Doesnt matter really as soon will have Charger 15m. This claim by some kite companies of 100% depower should be contested or sued.Only way to 100% depower is to  cut all your lines         Stoked Albatross Mark                       Thanks Peter Lynn for making such a good kite! I hope i can be a team member some day!                  .Sun, 11/14/10, Aaron Saude <info@...> wrote:

      From: Aaron Saude <info@...>
      Subject: Re: 19m Charger
      To: "Mark Hoeppner" <mark_hoeppner@...>
      Date: Sunday, November 14, 2010, 12:35 PM

      Told ya! I like it better than any of the other size. Have fun with it!


      On Nov 13, 2010, at 10:34 PM, Mark Hoeppner <mark_hoeppner@...> wrote:

      Wow! I love the 19m Charger! Wow!  Albatross Mark