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36234RE: [arcusers] Handles for v2-8m

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  • Daryl Rue
    Nov 1, 2010
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      My daughter was in a nuerologic spin for much of the summer. After a few surgeries and some long hospital stays and recovery time she is now back to better than prior so i am expecting more time now... I think my plan may be to get the ice and snow down pat and start with the smaller kite in a bit higher winds so i can keep it in the air. I was having problems keeping the bigger kite from tipping forward. On the landboard it is pretty hard for me to really get and keep moving / steer / etc... I have been off for a while so i need to ease back into things so safety is at top of list.

      I also know how much time i spend on land messing with strings, relaunching kite, etc... So i am going to ease into the water. I am still challenged and enjoy the land too.

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      Hi Daryl,

      Try Windpower Sports in Las Vegas.  They do a lot with land kites with handles. 

      Have you gotten out at all on the water this summer??


      From: Daryl Rue <darylrue@...>
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      Subject: [arcusers] Handles for v2-8m


      Any suggestions before i buy some handles for this kite? I want to try them and perhaps use with handles on snow and ice this summer if possible. They guy i bought the kite from said he used the handles to kitebaord in ca.

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