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FW: [be2] Solar in the house (fwd)

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  • Lou Dallara
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2001
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      > NEWARK, Delaware, January 4, 2001 (ENS) - A house builder in California
      > will make solar power a standard feature in its new homes. Shea Homes
      > Inc. of San Diego will install solar systems from AstroPower Inc. in 100
      > new homes to be built this year. The companies want to build a total of
      > 200 solar homes in the next 18 months, as new development phases roll
      > out.
      > "It's been a long-term goal of our industry in the U.S. to have solar
      > electric home power systems become a standard feature in new home
      > construction," said Howard Wenger of AstroPower. "That's what makes our
      > partnership with Shea Homes so significant. Shea Homes has recognized the
      > value of solar technology as a standard feature."
      > The San Diego division of Shea Homes will feature solar technology in its
      > newest community located in Scripps Highlands, 15 miles north of San
      > Diego. The technology will let homeowners reduce their utility bills by
      > 50 percent over a conventional home.
      > "We're doing this to enable our customers to take control of their energy
      > bills," said Ryan Green of Shea Homes. "We want to build a more efficient
      > home, allow our customers to generate their own electricity, and deliver
      > it for an affordable price. The homes in Scripps Highlands are 40 percent
      > more efficient than the strict California energy efficiency standards."
      > AstroPower's SunChoice(TM) is a national program designed to make solar
      > power affordable and easy to obtain.
      > "San Diego is the epicenter of California's power crisis, where electric
      > rates and bills have doubled and threats of power outages have become
      > common," said Wenger. "Our SunChoice solar home power systems produce
      > pollution free electricity, spin the utility meter backward to lower
      > bills, and can also provide power to the home during power outages. It's a
      > perfect match."
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