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  • Randall Hunt
    Last month I sent out a general questionaire to the 55 members of the arcology list. I received 11 responses, tho one just asked to be removed from the list.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2000
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      Last month I sent out a general questionaire to the 55 members of the
      arcology list. I received 11 responses, tho one just asked to be removed
      from the list. Not everone responded to every question. Again, thanks to
      those who responded.

      Here are the replies to the non-technical questions:


      Posts should not excede 20k no matter what.


      Not much



      Yes, AOL cuts them off.


      Sometimes. Attachments are usually not easily viewable under AOL. Even more
      annoying than too-long posts are posts with cryptic subject lines, that are
      just links to stories with no indication of what they are about. These are
      primarily from one individual, but not as much recently. I think a lead
      paragraph or two would be helpful.


      No! THe longer and more informational, the better.


      Yes. Largely.


      Too narrow. No engagement with real-world issues and policies of
      sustainability, etc. Urban planning issues not even addressed.

      good question. Arcology covers alot. But it would be good to have them more

      on the topic of arcologies? absolutely

      Heck no, but that's part of the fun :)



      Pretty much so.



      It doesn't seem to go anywhere/achieve anything but I still like to discuss
      and promote arcology.

      not very often

      Mostly theoretical. I don't find the information to be of much use,
      particularly since the issues don't involve collaboration in related
      fields, many of which have covered these issues already, which is too bad,
      because the synthesis could be valuable.

      Fairly useful. I think that we should find ways to stimulate more
      conversation. Perhaps we can seed the conversations by asking people for
      topics they want covered. We or others can start the topics and add in
      facts. For instance:
      - history of arcology
      - history of Paolo
      - current events at Arcosanti (those suitable for public consumption. Others
      can go on the alum list)
      - ideas for actualizing arcology
      - arcological ideas in current urban areas
      - applying arcology to current urban planning - will it work, how?
      - arcology and elderly (and health care and all the other topics from the
      black book)
      - etc

      you betcha

      Yes, altho I do find myself deleting unread messages from some people when
      I get rushed, knowing they'll be boring.


      Not that much that I find really useful in daily life. It's nice to see some
      theory discuessed, but I'm waiting for action that I can participate in
      without being trained in architecture, urban planning or fund-raising.

      They open new vistas of useful, creative thought.

      It educates me about the concepts and basics of Arcology- other resources
      on the web are pittifully shallow in detailed info.


      I have tried to spur activity a number of times.

      I would like to hear you, Lou, and George express more ideas, facts,
      experiences, etc. Invite other arcology and architecture experts to post
      material. My biggest turn off with the web board is that it is mostly
      novices. Sure, I respect the opinions of novices, but at the end of the
      day nothing is learned or accomplished.

      Update of ongoing construction activity at the Arcosanti site
      Reports of Cosanti Foundation activities
      Activities of organizations using Arcology principles
      Notices of conferences that Paolo is participating in
      Reviews of collaborative projects with Arcosanti and students, industry
      and commerce.
      Conferences on related professional fields and topics.

      - topics above, ask people to add to topics list - I'll start one and keep
      it running

      I have no clue. But I DO wish people would participate more as it seems that
      lately we're having private conversations rather than public discussion.

      Good question; offer prizes? I'm amazed at the (tiny) readership on this
      list. Get Paolo on the list. Get others at Arcosanti, especially the
      management, on the list. Get serious (not that we're not) people, like the
      Board, on the list, etc.

      add 4 more hours to every day

      Remove all net flamists!

      Uncertain. I'm still learning the "culture" of the list and the details of
      the topic.

      * ADDITIONAL COMMENTS (Please be candid):

      Arcology is a great idea, but I don't see much happening with it (at least
      in this country in the near future). I'm focusing my attention on much
      smaller projects.

      Like most newsgroups, this one is mostly opinions on theory. No
      participation by Paolo, which would be interesting, to say the least (I
      mean, it's his theory).


      If people subscribe to this list, why don't they participate? I guess if they
      don't want to, there's no way to draw them in the conversation. But I have
      trouble believing that so few people are interested in the subject. What about
      the people at Arcosanti? Don't they have computers? Doesn't this subject
      concern them very much?

      I really enjoy reading your thoughts, Randall. Keep up the good work! (and
      that's candid)

      I wish the list could provide more info on Soleri's Arcology (and other)
      publications, both Internet and non-Internet wise.

      Thank you for existing. The List is a first rate informational resource!

      ***END COMMENTS***

      Randall Hunt

      "My objective is to articulate a means by which an arcological
      superstructure for a resident population of 25-30,000 can be built in the
      world as it is today." http://www.wildapache.net/randhunt
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