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  • tristan.s.eversole@reed.edu
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    • George Kosmides
      Tristan -- I agree, good post. Thanks. I have been involved with Arcosanti and arcology and Paolo s work since the early 70 s, worked and lived there in the
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        Tristan --
        I agree, good post. Thanks.
        I have been involved with Arcosanti and arcology and Paolo's work since the early 70's, worked and lived there in the mid-70's, and am still trying to do what I can. I agree about publicizing arcology more and better, and about a proof-of-concept. That is what Arcosanti is supposed to be in a number of ways. I think that there is alot that Arcosanti has and is working on that starts to address some of the arcology issues. One of the challenges has always been how to get support and money to make it work and not be involved with commercial groups. When you are directly proposing cities that directly propose alternatives to sacred symbols (cars, massive materialism/consumption, built-in assumptions about 'wealth', abuse of nature, and dis-integrated lives and cultures and environments) you don't tend to get Ford and GE and investor groups lined up to help. When you suggest ways of living that put human culture literally fitting within urban cultures which in turn fit within nature, rather than ripping it to shreds, you need to figure out some way of building it.
        Alot of us have a feeling, I think, that arcology can't just be another REIT or investor group building an arcology like a shopping center or 'new town' or even  those new suburban mini-cities.
        But your ideas are good and I appreciate them. Thanks.
        I am working here now in northern VA in the heart of Internet country, down the road from AOL (Fairfax). Rush hour traffic means 1 1/2 hours more to my drive. Miles of stuck traffic. Complete and utter insanity. Many silly, sterile 'new towns' way out, with daily bulldozing of woods and Civil War historic sites. Alot of money, alot of exclusion. Turns my stomach daily.
        (BTW, about a year and a half ago I drove Paolo through this when he was speaking at Smithsonian, and described the traffic mess, some of which we were stuck in. He talked about how traffic makes people see the one in front as a steel 'obstacle', rather than another person. The talk went well and the Smithsonian had to move the overflow crowd to their bigger auditorium. Alot of people are ripe, with the right presentation.).
        When did you visit? How long were you there?
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        Hey, thanks! I appreciate it!

        At the moment, I'm at Reed College in Oregon. Yes, that's right, I'm just a college student (undergraduate) so I don't actually know of any good places to arcologize (I don't get out much :).However, I hail from Prince William County-- pretty close to DC-- so I find your plans pretty exciting! Let me know if I can help!

        Portland has been interesting as a city committed to limiting urban sprawl and developing a good mass-transit system (buses). This is in sharp contrast to DC; I am well aware of the sprawl there and have been witness to things like the rebuilding of the Springfield interchange.

        Thanks for the prompt reply and the compliment about my post!

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