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[arcology] Re: Making a big difference

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  • Ruth-Claire Weintraub
    Perhaps a reason arcology as an idea has not spread (like the _100th Monkey_, if you recall that as perhaps an idealized version of Gladwell s directive) is
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 1, 2000
      Perhaps a reason "arcology" as an idea has not spread (like the
      _100th Monkey_, if you recall that as perhaps an idealized version of
      Gladwell's directive) is due to the fact that it has not been
      understood as a concept. It has not been "sold" as a synthesis of
      "architecture+ecology" driven by the same ideas that drive
      "sustainable development," "sustainable transportation," i.e.
      bike-friendly, people-friendly, park-friendly, historical
      conservation/restoration friendly, etc. It appears as "radical
      alternative," has not been tested, has no foundation in experience,
      seems to attract people who prefer a science fiction and fantasy edge
      on city life to the hard business of building for and with real
      people with real needs.

      I say this having known Soleri for almost 40 years and believing that
      "arcology" is like a watch-word can be the watch-word) for most (if
      not all) environmentally-friendly initiatives and that Arcosanti can
      become a center (if not THE center) for discussion and development of
      those ideas, those forces.

      An inner nexus is needed, a place people can come together to develop
      their vision of how earth may, how the planet might, endure.
      Arcosanti could (and -- I believe -- SHOULD) be such a locus but the
      single-structure scheme as The Solution To Urban Sprawl surely will
      have to be de-emphasized. Not given up on. But seen as one kind of
      possibility among many "arcological" solutions to urban sprawl and
      waste, over-consumption, etc.

      >Yesterday's NY Times had a review of the book "The Tipping Point: How Little
      >Things can make a Big Difference" by Malcolm Gladwell. It was on page E7;
      >and maybe on their web site, but I couldn't find it.
      >The book is about a theory, with good examples, on how certain ideas can
      >spread contagiously. It made me think of us, since we want the arcology
      >ideas to spread and become popular, and that just doesn't seem to have
      >As far as I'm concerned, the problem isn't with the ideas since they make
      >total sense to me, so maybe we can learn something about techniques and
      >personalities that will help transmit them.
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