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[arcology] Re: [arco-alum] RE:Bitter Pills or Environmentalist Chicken Littles

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  • Laurie Barlow, AIA
    Checked the thread. He thinks Paolo s a kook. They re covering the same old circular territory, particularly since they do not view the solutions in other than
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 1999
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      Checked the thread. He thinks Paolo's a kook. They're covering the same
      old circular territory, particularly since they do not view the
      solutions in other than market terms. No sense of different approaches
      to life that do not include flat urban sprawl, and there's no
      understanding of interconnected community that is self-sustaining.

      The arcology vision is still more radically different than most people
      can pick up on. I personally think that its execution is a bit archaic
      in this age of electronics, although I think the miniaturization trend
      is an excellent "serendipity" of convergence, and perhaps the one to
      jump on. The Web, the instant communications, the interactive graphic
      interface, and so forth are powerful influences.

      Miniaturization in the service of sustainability might not necessarily
      lead to the form of arcology that Paolo has been promoting, especially
      since most folks could not adapt to living that way unless coerced. It
      also takes significant training in community participation, which is
      crucial to the model. Americans are too individualist and separatist, as
      are the wealthier Asian populations that are emigrating to get away from
      the urban crowding and intrusive government in their native countries.

      It will probaby emerge as a form that no one has expected, one that is
      integrated with the suburban patterns. I already see a desire on the
      part of many folks for less consumption and simpler lifestyles. This
      could be fostered with computer networks that allow many transactions to
      happen in cyberspace rather than on the streets. There will be less
      "stuff" and more "interaction", particularly as chat groups win out over
      the sitcoms. It's a kick to be writing the script as the dialogue moves
      on, who wants to passively watch when they can jump in? The whole thing
      with arcology is the raising of conciousness of human groups through
      cooperative interaction, and this may happen without everyone having to
      live in each other's pockets, via computer. Paolo assumed that physical
      proximity is necessary for this to happen.

      Laurie Barlow, AIA
      "So much power is carried on the wings of the
      little things" ---Tom Brown

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