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Andrius on the way to Arcosanti

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  • Franz Nahrada
    To Andrius Kulikauskas, email: ms@ms.lt. skypename minciusodas http://www.ms.lt/en/andrius/andriuskulikauskascv.html currently San Diego, CA Dear Andrius,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2007
      To Andrius Kulikauskas,
      email: ms@....
      skypename minciusodas
      currently San Diego, CA

      Dear Andrius,

      thank you very much for following my inspiration and heartfelt wish and
      going from San Diego to Arcosanti next Tuesday, staying there one night
      from February 6th to February 7th and the whole 7th a - , departing
      February 8th early morning from Phoenix Airport .

      Now on one side this is a pretty difficult mission and a very tight time
      schedule....- I remember it took me several visits from 1988 to 1992 to
      get in real touch with people there. It is a place where people do serious
      work and they do not want to be too much disturbed by the tourists which
      make up part of Arcosantis income. So there is guided tours, shop, cafe,
      but then there is a rigid policy of privacy and many of the really
      interesting people are not keen to engage in discourse unless you bought
      your way into the programs by money and volunteer work. Still even then
      people often face the existence of a closed inner circle that is not easy
      to reach.

      Still I think it is good to poke on the shell and try to engage in
      dialogue. There is signs that our themes might resonate there....
      Recently in an interview, Paolo Soleri has said:

      Question: : I noticed you have a weekly gathering for questions and
      discussion at Arcosanti that you call “School of Thought”—“SOFT.” That is
      a face-to-face gathering, right? It's not a webcast or a podcast?

      Paolo Soleri: Not yet, but we wouldn't mind to enlarge the idea. There is
      some interest developing now in people outside of Arcosanti, that that
      should be pursued, but again we are very limited by affordability and the
      time that it takes, and the knowledge that it takes. We would like to have
      some, let's say, professionals in terms of thinking and technology and
      philosophy and so on."

      So Paolo is ready to use the media and I think it would be a quantum leap
      if they could link with us on the idea of VideoBridging. Maybe they
      understand the value of a community like Minciu Sodas to bring about
      results that many professionals cant....


      I consider this the right time a place like Arcosanti that has accumulated
      a lot of knowledge and experience opens up to the idea of a living network
      of information exchange between communities that want to contribute to
      global future. VideoBridging is not only a backbone technology connectinng
      educational places with Video connections, but the important thing is the
      sharing approach, including documenting, indexing and using everything
      from these conversations for further educational use. We can imagine that
      by the cooperation of places apt to participate with good content, this
      sharing approach might generate the equivalent of a university, a virtual

      ....and we are almost there in Austria with the kickoff of the bioversity
      - connecting more than 16 locations around the country in discussing all
      aspects of renewable resources....

      http://www.bioversitaet.at (German only)

      We are making very good progress with the idea to network educational
      places in decentralised locations and having them share good and world
      class information. We even now are talking to Telecom Providers who
      understand that there is a more consistent need for broad- bandwith (and
      those who are owning the phone lines understand that the upgrading to
      boadband is the only way to forther use these phone lines). These former
      phone companies even understand that the main issue is content of quality
      developed and shared by their customers - and that we need to free this
      content (audiovisual) from copyright restrictions. The age of content
      industries is dwindling in the advent of Web 2.0, but we need to improve
      quality and reliability.

      I was writing in a blog of an Industry leader today that instead of
      capitalizing on couch potato consumer dreams, the telcos should engage in
      supporting a productive and professional P2P economy based on Open Source
      and Open Content. I have the feeling that the emerging cooperative sector,
      composed of a myriad of small enteroprises linked by the net, is a viable
      and sustainable partner for their business operations. So who is closest
      to this emerging new lifestyle might be the most solid in business.

      There are so many things that we can foresee now: communication between
      all kinds of special interests - supporting hundreds of professions in
      villages and small towns or arcologies - that need empowerment by virtual
      cultural communities, for example shoomaking or carpentry - running
      programmes for decentralised small computer driven tools and machines -
      using local and indigenous materials, no waste but cycles of cradle to
      cradle transformation of living matter ... craftspeople of the future,
      working with lots and lots of semi-automatic tools driven partly by
      programs, partly by human control....and being able to compete with
      industries again because - as Paolo Soleri nicely puts it -
      miniaturisation is an inevitable component of evolution.

      Also, this might be the population that fits well into an Arcology. The
      idea for them is to have urban service quality in pedestrian reach and to
      locally cluster. Arcosanti has started the Paradox process and opened up
      to new technologies, and it seems that this is part and also reason of its
      recovery from the agony of the eighties where a fire on a parking lot ate
      up their resources for years.

      So could - with the help of Arcosanti - such a "virtual university" or
      "Bioversity" emerge in the United States, merging with our efforts in
      Europe? The archipelago of world class living laboratories which in total
      form a whole sustainable lifestyle is still big in the US...maybe
      Arcosanti could take the lead and become an "educational city" amongst

      I also call for the support of my friend Joseph Smyth, living near
      Arcosanti and Sedona, to help you on your way as an ambassador of our
      global efforts to create an online learning environment in support of
      sustainable lifestyles, villages, small towns, the human connectedness
      with nature and landscape - Joseph who dared to dream this new American
      dream. Maybe he can come and be with you in Arcosanti, guiding you to talk
      to the right people. The same goes for eryone on the Arcology list who
      might be able to help.

      I wish you a very succesful trip!


      Helpful material in 2 speeches of mine:

      Can the City Return to the Village? - Some Hypotheses About the
      Metamorphosis of the Suburban and the Construction of Global Villages -
      Contribution to the urbanistic workshop "urbs2" in Chioggia, Italy,
      September 2005

      Free Contents Generate Business - Speech at the European Compueter
      measurement Conference in Rome, Italy, April 2006
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