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  • Charles Provine
    Hello Arcology Network, This is Charles Provine, the public relations coordinator at Arcosanti. Some may know me from my comments responding to emails in this
    Message 1 of 21 , Jan 3, 2005
      Re: [arcology] q

      Hello Arcology Network,

      This is Charles Provine, the public relations coordinator at Arcosanti.  Some may know me from my comments responding to emails in this group.  I am dearly interested in the conversations you have here and saving most of the emails in my Paradox 4 folder...yes, I am interested in another Paradox conference here at Arcosanti.  

      We have had some questions regarding Arcosanti that I would like to address:

      whatever happened to the periodic updates of
      happenings and construction at Arcosanti?
      Does anyone know if there are plans AND funds to go
      to the next phase of construction?
      For anyone who may live at the site, what is the
      general consensus on continuing the construction of
      There is much talk about who will lead the project
      after the passing of Paolo.....but as those potential
      leaders are aging themselves, is there anyone in the
      wings who might be 'groomed' for 3rd generation

      Finally, why is there so little (or nonexistent) input
      from the hierarchy/community at Arcosanti on this
      Arcology list?

      Dan Keram

      Hello Dan,

      We do have construction updates on the www.arcosanti.org website.  We do not send these updates out via email to the listserv right now, but I’ll get onto that project.  This is a very good idea to notify various interested parties of new updates to our website.  Currently, our construction manager is taking time off in Baha Mexico and installing solar technology with Dr. Sparks.  We will resume construction in February.  

      We do not have funds and I think our plans for the next stages of construction are to finish the east crescent complex, which looks about to be two years at least.  Our construction is slow moving due to financial problems and others that former residents here can address.  

      The general consensus from the site regarding continued construction of Arcosanti is varied depending on the people you converse.  Myself, I think we are at a critical juncture of make or break...we have been getting a lot of criticism from workshops about their experience and Paolo’s school of thought.  Maybe this has always been true, but the caliber of students coming is quite high recently and their concerns are certainly not addressed properly here to encourage more of the same people to come here or even stay on.

      Our only information about who will lead the project after Paolo is the general concept that the project will not dissolve and the Cosanti Foundation will continue as it had before with its board of directors and other leaders, with many positions shared by the same individuals on different teams.  *smile*, 3rd generation leadership would be interesting to talk about.  Just as nobody likes to discuss our inevitable life span, we are not talking about a 3rd generation here.  I am sure there would be a power vacuum to fill when that day comes around.  Paolo Soleri is very vibrant, energetic, and continues to swim every day during the season.  

      There is little and often nonexistent input from the hierarchy at Arcosanti.  I do not know why other than that our current residents consist of mostly new peoples and some much older residents who have been here at least 15 years.  That being said, there is a large information gap for those at Arcosanti to communicate.  We have a new website, www.arcommunity.org for the arcosanti community, but no one is posting to it right now.  I have to work with Jacob Schwartz to get some real information on there and help populate it with useful links on Arcology.  

      I can assure you that my coordination with this group will increase and I’ll find others to sign up on here for conversations.  I like the wiki site and think it serves as a great tool to sort our discussions into defined areas.  This is great.  

      Please feel free to email me personally at pr@....  I cannot give much more review and criticism of Arcosanti other than my comments above.  First, I really love it here and strive to maintain a positive mental attitude about this place to ensure I do not fail to put Arcosanti on the funding/tourism/education maps.  Second, I am the PR coordinator and cannot go negative or even appear negative on public forums.  I am available for personal visits to my residence, in East Housing.  You may remember East Housing as a party place or maybe even back enough as a nice place.  My partner, Jessica Stayton, and I have put a lot of energy into the place and are taking it to a great level so we can have tours run through there on the weekend.  

      More Below:

      On 12/30/04 12:30 PM, "Randall Hunt" <randhunt@...> wrote:

      Along with other good questions, Dan asked:

      >Finally, why is there so little (or nonexistent)input
      >from the hierarchy/community at Arcosanti on this
      >Arcology list?

      FWIW, in all the time I spent at Arcosanti (1971, 1975-81, 1996-98), I
      always thought it curious that of all the things people talked about, the
      topic of arcology was extremely rare.

      Hello Randall,

      You are correct, of all the things we talk about at Arcosanti, Arcology seems to be a topic that is not broached very often.  In fact, almost never as you can attest.  I am working with Ruth Claire to start a group that meets to talk about Arcology with the workshops in ‘05.  It is difficult to take away Paolo’s School of thought and proceed on something other than that to converse about Arcology.  However, it is on the way not as an alternative to School of Thought, but as an extension of SOT.  

      It would be interesting to have you come sometime in February to talk about Arcology.  I am going to make a kit of information for workshops and will certainly ask this group’s input here.


      Charles Provine

      Site of the month. Arcosanti


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      Charles Provine
      Public Relations Coordinator at Arcosanti
      (928) 632-6222
      (602) 405-3055 (cell)
      HC 74 Box 4136
      Mayer, Arizona 86333


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