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Don't hesitate to jump into this hot OTC flyer

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  • Steven
    OTCBB Newsletter s FIRST TWO PICKS FOR 2004: TIGR from .10 to .39 in 4 days for a GAIN OF OVER 280% APWR from .65 to 1.60 in 5 days for a GAIN OF OVER 140%
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2004
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      OTCBB Newsletter's FIRST TWO PICKS FOR 2004:
      TIGR from .10 to .39 in 4 days for a GAIN OF OVER 280%
      APWR from .65 to 1.60 in 5 days for a GAIN OF OVER 140%

      HERE IS OUR NEXT EXPLOSIVE STOCK PICK at 7 cents per share!

      Global Explorations, Inc.
      OTC: GXXL
      BUY AT .07
      10 Day Target .30

      Investors are realizing profits in a rejuvenated high-tech sector and Internet
      stocks are on the move! We are alerting our readers to an undiscovered
      gem: An unknown ISP on the verge of a breakout year whose shares are
      extremely undervalued; a rarity in today's rising market.

      GXXL delivers nationwide Internet service through more than 8,000 access
      numbers and 33,000 access points. GXXL subscribers can link-up using the
      Company's dial-up accelerator or lightning-quick high-speed satellite access.

      GXXL just released news that could turn this company into a profit-making
      powerhouse! Through a joint venture partnership with Millennium SMS,
      GXXL is expecting to partner with Fortune 500 Companies using their
      revolutionary proprietary SMS (Short Messaging System) Technology.

      Major corporations with large consumer bases can utilize this delivery and
      tracking technology to provide instant marketing for timely product and
      sales events. The GXXL-Millennium SMS partnership allows the Company
      to instantly reach it's millions of registered clients via their digital cellular
      phones thereby facilitating a recorded log of all transactions in conjunction
      with revolutionary sales tracking.

      GXXL's technology will capture the profit-making attention of the nation's
      largest companies by allowing them to flex their marketing muscle while
      expediting delivery of product, sales, and marketing information to an
      existing customer base. It is feasible that Billions of Dollars in sales can be
      generated using this technology that would have otherwise been lost due to a
      lack of Corporate-to-Consumer connectivity!

      A comprehensive analysis of GXXL's services, joint venture partnerships,
      and ground-breaking technology clearly reveals that the tremendous value of
      GXXL shares have been overlooked by investors. GXXL is a hidden gem
      that has all the qualifications for an explosive investing opportunity. As our
      top stock recommendation for aggressive investors, GXXL could be our
      biggest winner this year!

      OTCBB Newsletter is a financial advisory network focusing on high-growth
      companies with the intent to offer its subscribers a great investment reward.
      It has the policy to acquire existing small newsletters, is not affiliated with
      any broker or dealer and is not a registered investment advisor. The
      information contained in this publication is for informational purposes only
      and is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of any offer to buy securities.
      Investment in low priced stocks is considered extremely speculative and
      may result in the loss of some or all of any investment made in these
      companies. Investors should use the information contained in this
      publication as a starting point for conducting additional research on the
      featured company in order to allow the investor to form their own opinion.
      OTCBB Newsletter has received fifty thousand free trading shares from a
      third party as compensation for the preparation of this stock profile. Since
      we have a position in GXXL there is an inherent conflict of interest in our
      statements and opinions and therefore such statements and opinions cannot
      be considered independent. We will benefit from any increase in price for
      GXXL. We may liquidate our position at any time; before, during or after
      the dissemination of this stock alert. Readers of this publication are
      cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which
      are based on certain assumptions and expectations, that may or may not
      actually occur, and involve various risks and uncertainties, that could cause
      results to differ materially from those set forth in the forward-looking
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