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  • Kai Tsu
    universe uses biology to replicate self Wed 09.10 Artbell.com tonight Author and theorist James Gardner (biocosm.org) lays out the case for our
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2003
      universe uses biology to replicate self>>

      Wed 09.10 >> Artbell.com tonight>>
      Author and theorist James Gardner (biocosm.org) lays out the case for
      our "life-friendly" universe being deliberately designed by a
      super-intelligent entity in a prior cosmic cycle.


      at a Conference this weekend>>
      James N. Gardner, Complexity Theorist

      The Selfish Biocosm Hypothesis

      Abstract: The Selfish Biocosm hypothesis asserts that the anthropic
      qualities exhibited by our universe can be explained as incidental
      consequences of a cosmological replication cycle in which a
      cosmologically extended biosphere supplies two of the essential
      elements of self-replication originally identified by John von

      Further, the hypothesis asserts that the emergence of life and
      intelligence are key epigenetic thresholds in the cosmological
      replication cycle, strongly favored by the physical laws and constants
      of inanimate nature. Under the hypothesis, those laws and constants
      function as the cosmic counterpart of DNA: they furnish the "recipe"
      by which the evolving cosmos acquires the capacity to generate life
      and ever more capable intelligence. The hypothesis reconceptualizes
      the process of earthly evolution as a minor subroutine in the process
      of cosmic ontogenesis. A falsifiable implication of the hypothesis is
      that the emergence of increasingly intelligent life is a robust
      phenomenon, strongly favored by the natural processes of biological
      evolution and emergence.



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