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Fwd: An Invitation: Paolo Lugari, Gaviotas (Colombia)

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  • Randall Hunt
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2002
      >Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 17:06:31 -0700
      >From: Robert Schorlemmer <robert.schorlemmer@...>
      >To: Randall Hunt <randhunt@...>
      >Subject: An Invitation: Paolo Lugari, Gaviotas (Colombia)
      >Dear Friends:
      >You are invited to a special gathering on the eve on September 11.
      >Paolo Lugari, founder of Gaviotas, and Gunter Pauli, of the Zero
      >Emissions Research Initiative, will lead a "Dialogue on Innovation
      >and Perseverance" based on the story of Gaviotas, a remarkable
      >village (population 200) in Colombia.
      >This event was originally scheduled at the Omega Institute, but will
      >now be held on September 9 - 11 at the Ghost Ranch conference
      >center in New Mexico.
      >Gaviotas is an oasis of peace amidst the violence in Colombia.
      >Engineers, artists, peasants and former street kids have come
      >together in a barren savannah and accomplished the extraordinary.
      >They have:
      >- achieved energy self-sufficiency
      >- established sustainable industries such as a zero emission resin-
      >making factory,
      >- created a hospital and medicinal plant research center
      >- reforested 36,000 acres and reintroduced biodiversity
      >- governed themselves with remarkable equanimity.
      >How did they defy the limits of the possible?
      >How can we do the same?
      >Come join us in exploring a path of hope.
      >Please forward this invitation to anyone else who may be interested.
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