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40[arcology] RE:Bitter Pills or Environmentalist Chicken Littles

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  • Lou Dallara
    Jan 2, 1999
      Hey Now.. does any arcologist want to respond to this thread??
      You can look here...Newsgroups soc.religion.quaker
      Bitter Pills or Environmentalist Chicken Littles?


      From "Julian Hayashi Marsano" <jmarsano@...>
      Organization MindSpring Enterprises
      Date Wed, 30 Dec 1998 15:04:36 -0500
      Newsgroups soc.religion.quaker
      Message-ID <76e11c$a71$1@...>


      Hmm, I've noticed that this 'anti-suburbia' thread has been getting kind of
      big. To be honest, I'm disappointed that I haven't heard from more of you
      on the newsgroup.

      What does everyone think of the proposition that cheap gas is going to end?
      What do you make of my contention that if we begin to tax it heavily now we
      can get the products we need, such as fuel-efficient cars, so that we can
      avert massive dislocation when cheap gas ends? Does anybody have any
      thoughts on what to do with communities that are not sustainable? How about
      the idea that bedroom communities are not good uses of resources? Is there
      anyone here who believes in the idea of an arcology, a la Arcosanti (see:
      http://www.getnet.com/arcosanti/index.html ) is viable? Can we continue to
      live the way we are now, as a car-bound nation? Just interested. I'd
      really like to hear from people other than Elizabeth, Julie, Nick, Joe, et
      al., as much as I like reading what they write.



      Julian Hayashi-Marsano
      "The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."
      --Ellen Parr
      "Curiosity is life. Without it, you're in your coffin."--Pierre Boulez

      Lou Dallara PCB Design Engineer
      "Civilization is a limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities" -
      Mark Twain

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