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  • Chris ScottHanson
    Jun 11, 2003
      Re: [arcology] Size requirements Sorry I am so slow to respond... But, I suggest 500 – 600 sf per person in heated (conditioned) space, and another 250 – 300 sf of unheated (covered or uncovered, patio deck, balcony) space.  These numbers seems fairly reasonable compared to what Americans now choose to live in.  They may go down of course as the experience with this housing/city type goes up.

      Chris ScottHanson

      on 1/12/03 9:46 PM, keramfamily@... at keramfamily@... wrote:

      Randall and Eric,
        as i understand it, Soleri/Arcosanti is focusing on minimal space requirements/needs (those claustrophic 8 by 8 by 8 cubes) for residents and the community as a whole......What would be the standard for the arcology proposed? Would 1500 square feet for a family of four be considered a standard? Then what about public space: schools, governement offices, community rooms, libraries? And of course, commercial and industrial space; do the planners (I guess that would be some of us here) wish to set up certain requirements/codes for businesses to adhere to so as to use as minimal amount of space as possible? Thoughts? Perhaps I am projecting my own assumptions that a sprawling arcology would be self-defeating.....and therefore worth avoiding.


      Dan Keram

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