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2214Re: [arcology] Re: Initiative & website

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  • Randall Hunt
    Jan 14, 2003
      >...I think the first step should be to get
      >the webmaster access over to whoever it is that will be doing to
      >programming for the site. Once that is done, we can lay down some
      >ground-work and build-up from there.
      >WHat does everyone else think?

      Develop the site first. A working URL will neither help nor hinder the
      development of a usable site so why go to the formal bother and expense of
      changing ISPs (as if that really needs to happen anyway) before there is
      something to upload? Do the hard work first: create the site. One doesn't
      need a URL to do that. Sure, moving the URL is exciting but real progress
      means pulling together the content and scripting the site.

      Have patience. Tackle things in order.
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