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2207Re:[arcology] Size requirements

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  • terrydrinkard <terrydrinkard@yahoo.com>
    Jan 13, 2003
      --- In arcology@yahoogroups.com, keramfamily@j... wrote:
      > ... And of course, commercial and industrial space; do the planners
      (I guess that would be some of us here) wish to set up certain
      requirements/codes for businesses to adhere to so as to use as minimal
      amount of space as possible? Thoughts? Perhaps I am projecting my own
      assumptions that a sprawling arcology would be self-defeating.....and
      therefore worth avoiding.
      > Thoughts?

      One incentive to be efficient with space is a city tax that goes up
      steeply if that space is empty or unproductive. Sort of an inverted
      "Laffer" curve, if you will. If the space is highly productive, a low
      tax/unit of productivity will create high total revenue. If the space
      is moderately productive with a low tax, it creates moderate revenue.
      If it is totally unproductive and highly taxed, the owner/leasee has
      an incentive to release the space for more productive uses.

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