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  • mobius
    Jan 12, 2003
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      Lou (and everyone else)
      I just wanted to clarify a few important things. First of all, Robert Rainmaker is a tribal name that I was using while I was jouneying through the west a few years ago (during which I did a workshop at Arcosanti with Randall). My given name is Robert Matthews, so there may have been a little confusion. If fact, I'm pretty sure we met at the first Arcosanti Alumni Reunion??
      The domain name ARCOLOGY.ORG is registered to me, through 2005. I'm not sure when you did the whois lookup, but it should show the updated registration.
      The email failed because the arcodev@... address is no longer valid. The contact information SHOULD show my current email address - arcologist@... - the very same used here in the group list. I am in the process of chaning over the contact info. This should be complete in a week or so. Then I can request the URL to redirect to your IP Address.
      I would very much like for you to host the site and for this group to use this domain name as a resource. That is exactly why I secured it a few years ago. I have always had grand intentions of turning it into something really important, but so far my dedication to this project has been lacking. So I am happy to let this become a group effort - which will certainly be stronger than anything I could have done myself anyhow.
      I certainly look forward to this site becoming a valuable resource. One I intend to contribute heartily to as well.
      Furthermore, I agree that we should make a separate list for the web site development. And if you want to discuss any of the details of transferring the URL, etc, please contact me directly at arcologist@....
      Robert (Rainmaker) Matthews
      University of Washington
      Department of Architecture
      Seattle, Washington
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      Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 8:27 AM
      Subject: [arcology] Re: Initiative

      Ok, I've been offline, had some email/virus/system problems and
      recovering from bronchitis, buts give it a Go !

      The Web site Initiative..
        1- Domain Name
        2- ISP Host

      1-I did a who is for domain name of Arcology.com which I though was
      owner by Robert Rainmaker, who had offered it to us. I sent a email
      to him and recieved no response. He's what the whois showed.

      PPSA Consulting (ARCOLOGY2-DOM)
         3912 Lexington Ct.
         Bettendorf, IA 52722

         Domain Name: ARCOLOGY.COM

         Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
            Johnson, John  (JJ383)            jjohnson@...
            PPSA Consulting
            3912 Lexington Ct.
            Bettendorf, IA 52722
            319-332-1496 (FAX) 360-838-9680

         Record expires on 20-Sep-2003.
         Record created on 21-Sep-1996.
         Database last updated on 12-Jan-2003 11:09:30 EST.

         Domain servers in listed order:


      The site appears to be down. It is due to expire in Sept 2003. We
      could make an offer to buy it now or put in a backorder to purchase
      or chose another domain name. ????? www.arcologys.com or .org ???

      2- I have a ISP Host that I would provide the space for the site once
      we decide on the domain. The host is http://www.globalhosting.com/
      Right now I own the domain http://www.arcologynetwork.org/
      and have it hosted on Globalhosting..

      Thought maybe we should start a new list with the folks intereseted
      in the web site only.

      Best Regards and a Happy New Year

      > What's the plan for the website???  We had someone mention we could
      > use the arcology.org, and someone else the arcologynetwork
      > Are these still available?  If not, is anyone actually interested
      > enough to register and create a new domain and website?
      > And once all that is done, can anyone create a NICE website,
      > something professional looking?

      Site of the month. The 500 year Town. L. Gene Zellmer 1998


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