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  • Lou <ldallara@comcast.net>
    Jan 12, 2003
      Ok, I've been offline, had some email/virus/system problems and
      recovering from bronchitis, buts give it a Go !

      The Web site Initiative..
      1- Domain Name
      2- ISP Host

      1-I did a who is for domain name of Arcology.com which I though was
      owner by Robert Rainmaker, who had offered it to us. I sent a email
      to him and recieved no response. He's what the whois showed.

      PPSA Consulting (ARCOLOGY2-DOM)
      3912 Lexington Ct.
      Bettendorf, IA 52722

      Domain Name: ARCOLOGY.COM

      Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
      Johnson, John (JJ383) jjohnson@...
      PPSA Consulting
      3912 Lexington Ct.
      Bettendorf, IA 52722
      319-332-1496 (FAX) 360-838-9680

      Record expires on 20-Sep-2003.
      Record created on 21-Sep-1996.
      Database last updated on 12-Jan-2003 11:09:30 EST.

      Domain servers in listed order:


      The site appears to be down. It is due to expire in Sept 2003. We
      could make an offer to buy it now or put in a backorder to purchase
      or chose another domain name. ????? www.arcologys.com or .org ???

      2- I have a ISP Host that I would provide the space for the site once
      we decide on the domain. The host is http://www.globalhosting.com/
      Right now I own the domain http://www.arcologynetwork.org/
      and have it hosted on Globalhosting..

      Thought maybe we should start a new list with the folks intereseted
      in the web site only.

      Best Regards and a Happy New Year

      > What's the plan for the website??? We had someone mention we could
      > use the arcology.org, and someone else the arcologynetwork
      > Are these still available? If not, is anyone actually interested
      > enough to register and create a new domain and website?
      > And once all that is done, can anyone create a NICE website,
      > something professional looking?
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