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  • Randall Hunt
    Jan 4, 2003
      Energy and enthusiasm -- which you obviously display -- is not a bad thing,
      and I empathize with your impatience. Hang in there, Eric.

      Here's how I see it:

      The web site will be like our store front. When we open a web site it means
      we are open for business and should be able to handle the flow of inquiries
      that we want to generate. One of the first things anyone will want to know
      is our proposal: what are we doing; why are we doing it; what are we asking
      of the visiting public; what does the proposed project look like? Et cetera.

      To address this last item, we need pictures, plans, graphics and models.
      But before we can generate form, we need to know certain basic things, like
      how big is the structure, meaning, how much space (square/cubic footage) is
      necessary to accommodate all the facilities required of a town to grow
      (presumably) from roughly 20,000 to roughly 100,000 population.

      My degree is not in architecture so I don't know if there is a ready
      reference for how much space is required for the supporting functions for
      towns of growing size. If there is, it will save us some time -- can anyone
      supply such a reference? If not, then I suggest the following next step
      that will yield that information:

      I propose we generate a questionaire(s) and format for field research that
      will allow us (those who may be interested) to gather the required data
      from people and agencies within our own towns, as appropriate. I live in a
      town of between ten and twenty thousand. I will want to make appointments
      to interview various people in my community: the Mayor; the Dean of the
      university; the Police Chief; the Fire Chief; the Manager of the waste
      treatement plant; the head(s) of water and power; the person in charge of
      public works; the Postmaster; the President of my local Chamber of
      Commerce; numerous business owners; and so on.

      I will want to ask them how much square footage they currently require, is
      it enough, what do they project, etc. I would like to know what their
      energy demands are (except that I may be able to get that information in
      gross numbers from the power company). I want to hear what they all have to
      say about providing for growth. What are our space requirements at the
      start and how much facility will we ultimately need to provide?

      I want to hear from those on this list who are interested in helping with
      this survey in their own locales. Let's formulate a comprehensive
      questionaire that will get us the data we need to proceed to the next step,
      that is, to a rough overall size for the structure. It's important to know
      what the program is in order to design the thing.
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