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  • George Kosmides
    Jan 4, 2003
      I agree, Doug. This kind of thing takes a long time and requires patience.
      There have been some really good ideas and energy during the past few
      months. Arcology is an entirely new way of doing cities. (Paolo would say
      it's actually a very old way of organizing organisms). Important work, but
      not easy stuff. Especially when at best we have part time, whatever's left
      over at the end of a day after our "real work".

      My wife has a poster of Jesus (next to several of the Buddha, Krishna, etc.)
      which says "I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth

      This is a good group. May we have a great new year.


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      > Where has all the initiative gone? No one has posted in days, and
      > even at that, there are hardly any posts at all.

      Well, between the holidays, family business, and catching
      up/stockpiling up of work (the kind one is paid for, by an employer)
      I have been kinda swamped. I assume the same of most people.

      I certainly wouldn't draw any conclussions of abandonment from this.
      I think a good amount of progress has been made, and is being made.
      But not all progress is visible.

      We now have articulated clearer positions on economics and philosophy
      regarding arcology as a real world project. I consider these a big
      plus, since a well defined goal is the best tool a project can have.

      We have feedback to review and discuss regarding web design and
      content. We have a web designer offering time.

      We briefly explored the idea of a computer simulation of arcology as
      both a design and marketing tool, and while it may not make sense now
      with our resoources, it will certainly be a valuable tool in the near

      I think there's some progress here. Certainly enough to warrant
      staying on. But as Dan says, if you have other interests, by all
      means pursue them. This is not a hobby for me. It's a career.


      > I don't mean to sound rude, and pardon my bluntness, but unless
      > anyone is serious about any of this, then I'll find other groups &
      > hobbies to involve myself with.

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