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Re: Recorder 20 and Soundprofessionals pre-amp

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  • mlbarbrand
    Thanks for the descriptiona and photos . . . Looks like you habe a pretty slick setup. I have a question for all those with stereo mics. I admit that the idea
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 31, 2002
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      Thanks for the descriptiona and photos . . . Looks like you habe a
      pretty slick setup.

      I have a question for all those with stereo mics. I admit that the
      idea of buying a mic that records in stereo sounds pretty tempting.
      But I have a hard time believing that anything not recorded in a
      studio would really be stereo. On a typical stereo mic, there are
      two heads (like the T one, for example) that record left and right,
      and they are usually separated by about an inch. Now I can't imagine
      how these two mic heads would be recording anything different from
      each other. Please enlighten me. Have you noticed anything
      different at all in recording from a mic like this, compared with a
      similar high-quality mic that's only mono?


      --- In archosjukebox6000@y..., "Peadar Cunningham"
      <peadar.cunningham@b...> wrote:
      > Hello everybody,
      > I bought an Archos Recorder 20 in February. Unfortunately it is
      one of those units that suffers from that annoying buzzing noise
      which has already been discussed in this group. The noise is
      particularly apparent during playback although there is also a
      noticable reminant in the recordings that I have made. As others
      have noted, it disappears briefly every minute or so when the hard
      drive activates.
      > For me this is unacceptable and so I contacted the tech support in
      Europe. They managed to brush me off for about a month or so, but
      finally, after 7 phone calls they suggested that I send a mail to
      thier European RMA department to return the unit. The people I have
      been speaking claim that they have never heard of this problem!
      Strange. Overall I would rate Archos back-up as poor.
      > I am posting because I have experience of using SoundProfessionals
      SP-3 pre-amp alongside thier Otterbox and SP-SPSM-1 (single Point
      Stereo 'T' Mic). The otterbox has a built in Omnidirectional Mic
      which in my experience has produced excellent results. Full of
      lovely bass yet sharp as a razor at the same time. As an alternative
      I can plug in the 'T' mic into an external mic jack on the otterbox
      and this bypasses the built in omni-directional. Both mics produce
      excellent results with the pre-amp and archos recorder. When the
      recorder and preamp are housed in the otterbox the repetitive 'whirr'
      from the hard drive is no longer a problem...neither mic picks this
      sound up like the recorders own built in mic. In addition the setup
      is discrete and is therefore great for particular applications where
      discretion is necessary.
      > The pre-amp has an output level control. I am interested primarily
      in room recordings and for this application I have obtained the best
      results with this output level set to its highest and then I leave
      the record level on the archos set to about half. This way I get
      very very little of the 'buzzing' reminant. Obviously if the
      recording setup cant be placed near the sound source for whatever
      reason and has to be placed some considerable distance away (in an
      adjoining room for example), then you can raise the archos' record
      level to near maximum. This does increase the buzzing on the
      recording but the unit does manage to pull the sound out of the air
      from a distance.
      > I hope that some of this information is helpful. I have posted a
      couple of photos of the setup at:
      > I am hoping that my replacement unit will not suffer from this
      awful background noise. If it doesnt I will be very very pleased
      with this recording setup. When I get the new unit I could post
      sample recordings if anyone wanted to hear before buying.
      > Good luck
      > Peadar
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