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Re: Excellent resource for capturing ANY audio sourceto MP3

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  • jbsjbsjbs
    Phyllis- When you say for your books I m curious . . . is there a streaming online source of audiobooks you use? If so, can you elaborate? That sounds really
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 19 7:59 AM

      When you say "for your books" I'm curious . . . is there a streaming
      online source of audiobooks you use? If so, can you elaborate? That
      sounds really great.

      Couple of ideas on what you're doing . . . one is that Total Recorder
      will actually save files directly into MP3, provided you download the
      free LameDLL encoder. I believe there are instructions in the TR help
      file on how to do this, where to save the file, etc. That will save
      you the MusicMatch step.

      One other thought is that I use another program called Goldwave which
      brings an audio file (mp3 or other) up on screen and lets you modify,
      chop, paste, etc. If your books are such that there is, for example,
      a noticeable pause before the commercials, you may be able to
      visually detect them on screen, then zoom in and delete out the
      commercial section. Goldwave lets you easily select a start point and
      end point, press DEL and it sucks it right out of there.

      Finally, even if you can't visually detect them, Goldwave will let
      you skim through the file at any multiple of speed, and in any
      increment (i.e. 5x speed and skipping along by 30 second increments)
      so you can quickly find the commercials and delete them.

      It's a bit more expensive than TR (about $40) but definitely still
      falls into your category of great software without charging an arm
      and a leg. I've used it for more things than I ever would have

      I use TR to record pieces by some of my favorite commentators online.
      In one case, they've improved in quality over the years so some of
      his older work is quiet and scratchy. Goldwave lets me visually see
      where the quiet parts are, select them and normalize the volume
      across that segment so that I don't miss those parts, but I don't
      make the rest of it too loud either.

      Enough, though . . . I'd loev to hear more about the audiobook source
      you use!


      --- In archosjukebox6000@y..., webbot <webbot@s...> wrote:
      > I use Total Recorder all the time for my books..Many are not in mp3
      > so I use TR then convert to mp3 with MusicMatch then split the
      monster mp3
      > file into 10-20 minute files with CoolSplitter and voila, transfer
      it to my
      > AJB for listening at my leisure..Now if I could just figure out how
      to delete
      > the commericals..
      > --Phyllis
      > jbsjbsjbs wrote:
      > > There was a question on another Archos forum about how to capture
      > > audio from a DVD into a jukebox. I wrote a reply there, but
      > > I was so enamored of this program I wanted to sing its praises
      > > as well. Hope you don't mind. It's called "Total Recorder". You
      > > find it at:
      > >
      > > http://www.HighCriteria.com
      > >
      > > Basically, it is software which "installs" itself between your
      > > processor and your sound card. Thus when it is running everything
      > > which reaches your speakers passes first through this program. You
      > > have total control then, through the program, to capture whatever
      > > audio you want, in real time.
      > >
      > > I've used it to rip MP3s of several of my favorite movies -- not
      > > music soundtrack, but the whole movie. I end up with, for
      example, a
      > > 100 MB MP3 of the full dialogue from SouthPark, or Austin Powers.
      > > have to say . . . it's as funny listening to it as it is watching
      > >
      > > The program is shareware and has a VERY reasonable regustration
      > > of $11.95. You can capture anything with it -- DVD, CD, Real
      > > It's even intelligent enough to know when there is sound coming
      > > through it, so if your system hiccups, Total Recorder will pause
      > > during the hiccup and the resulting file will be smooth.
      > >
      > > As you may have noticed, I'm a big fan, and highly recommend it.
      > >
      > >
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