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23481Re: intermittent no start problem

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  • Doug Kalmer
    Mar 23, 2008
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      I appreciate the help, and tried twisting it when it wouldn`t start, no change. I`m not sure it can be a bad connection since, when it doesn`t start, the light comes on and the screen lights up, but the HD doesn`t spin. Doug

      Re: intermittent no start problem
      Posted by: "James Stewart" wartstew@... wartstew
      Date: Fri Mar 21, 2008 4:01 pm ((PDT))

      The AA battery versions of the JB's are notorious for eventually developing broken solder connections near the battery connections at each corner of the unit. This is caused by the fact that the tension of the battery spring flexes the PC board that these things are attached to and causes the connections to break. The solutions is simple for anyone with a soldering iron: Just resolder the connections.

      You can tell if you have this problem once you have the unit playing, hold the JB at opposite corners and then attempt to twist the JB slightly back and forth. Try the other two corners too. If the JB stops playing then you have broken connections, and therefore an intermittent JB.

      An additional related problem area I've found is at the end that has the IDE hard drive connector on it. This connector is also mounted on one of the flexing PC board. The problem is that the IDE connector won't flex, so what happens is that some of the soldered connections at each end of the connector also breaks free causing random disk errors. For me, these connections looked fine, but were definitely broken because my JB didn't start working again until I resoldered the first 4 or so columns of pins at each end of the connector.

      One other possibility for the random turn-on problem could be slightly weak batteries, perhaps ones that are physically cold. To turn on and spin up that hard drive, the Archos surges a lot of current from the batteries. Weak, old, or cold batteries often are not able to deliver that much current while maintaining the 4.25 or so volts minimum required to keep the JB running. These batteries may be otherwise fully charged. I have several sets of batteries that will no longer work in my JB (or my Digital camera) but work just fine in flashlights, walki-talkies, mulitmeters, remote controls, and other lower current devices.

      Doug Kalmer <sunart@...> wrote: I have an Archos Jukebox 10 with 4 AA batteries, it still charges fine, but just sometimes, it won`t turn on. I can have it not turn on, and then later it will, without my doing anything to it. Any ideas? I had it rebuilt by Archos, they put a new HD in it, and I installed Rockbox. Thanks, Doug

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