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23480Re: [archosjukebox6000] Largest hard drive that is usable?

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  • James Stewart
    Mar 21, 2008
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      When upgrading drives, sometimes some people manage to the the JB very confused. I haven't figured out what they do wrong, but a combination of Partition Magic, Windows-XP (with its artificially limited maximum format capacity for FAT32) and perhaps and accidental format to NTFS is involved. Anyway the result is that the computer sees the JB drive and happily reads and writes to it, but the JB itself can not see or play anything from the drive. There does seem to be a set of drive geometry parameters that get written to the MBR of the drive that can be different (sometimes on purpose) from the real life situation, that might be behind some of this. Several times I've offered to help people with this problem to diagnose what is going on, but none seemed to have the patience (or perhaps the confidence) to work through it with me.

      Some time ago, I assembled a single bootable floppy disk image I called the Jukebox Utility Disk. It is here: http://wartstew.homelinux.net/jud . I have successfully used it to partition and format my 30 Gig drive through the USB connection while it is installed in the JB. It runs a super stripped down Linux OS and also has the ability to erase the MBR of the drive in case wrong information is causing trouble, but it is a "secret" command that is not in the menu because I don't yet know if is useful, so Email me if you think you need it and I will give instructions if you promise to tell me if it helped. Yes I know, nobody has floppies anymore, I guess you could burn an El Torito CD boot image of it in that case.

      toastertech <mgarvin@...> wrote: I was thinking about swapping the hard drive
      for something larger 80GB or higher.

      Is there any info on which drives will work?

      Anyone have problems with Seagate drives? (My
      preferred manufacturer)

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