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23470Re: Jukebox does not turn on anymore!

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  • baranof85
    Mar 17, 2008
      i have 2 archos and both of them have lost charging abilities, so i just
      remove the batteries and charge the 4 aa batteries and put them back in,
      works fine for me that way
      --- In archosjukebox6000@yahoogroups.com, "Ralf Jung" <rajung@...>
      > Hello everybody,
      > I am new here, and in the search for help. I have a Archos Jukebox
      Recorder 20 GB, and so far it was working fine. However, the battery
      seemed to get lower recently, and now I can not even turn the box on at
      all. I assume the problem is the power supply. It does not turn on even
      if I connect it to the plug in charger. Perhaps the batterie is totally
      > I also tried to connect it via USB to the computer, but again it does
      not turn on. My main problem now is how I can at least access and
      recover my data. I used the box more as a harddrive than a mp3 player.
      So there are several important data on the box, including pictures and
      short videos from the last 3 years with our little kids, which are
      important memories for our family.
      > We appreciate any comments and help from you experts out there.
      > Thank you so much,
      > Ronia
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