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23468Re: [archosjukebox6000] Jukebox does not turn on anymore!

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  • Lberube
    Mar 18, 2008
      Ronia- If its not turning on with the power supply AND the batteries then its def something within the JUKEBOX itself. Which means opening it up and finding the problem. A real slight chance that the batteries are gone but it should still light up even if plugged into the computer. And possibilities of the charger and the batteries going at once is not likely unless the JB was subjected to some sort of an electrical charge such as lightning or power surge.

      Do you have any activity lights at all?
      Do you have the backlight turned way down to zero?
      Do you have a little brother who maybe put the batteries in backwards?

      If you want to recover the data on the drive you will need a laptop to ide converter cable to hook the harddrive (after removed from the unit) to your home PC and then you can remove what is on the disk.

      Regular batteries may not be able to be recognized in the jb accurately to get it going


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      You can put some new AA batteries in it to check it out. The sides pop
      off and the batteries are two on a side and are regular NiMH but
      standard batteries should tell you if it is batteries or the charger.

      Ralf Jung wrote:
      > Hello everybody,
      > I am new here, and in the search for help. I have a Archos Jukebox
      > Recorder 20 GB, and so far it was working fine. However, the battery
      > seemed to get lower recently, and now I can not even turn the box on
      > at all. I assume the problem is the power supply. It does not turn on
      > even if I connect it to the plug in charger. Perhaps the batterie is
      > totally gone?
      > I also tried to connect it via USB to the computer, but again it does
      > not turn on. My main problem now is how I can at least access and
      > recover my data. I used the box more as a harddrive than a mp3 player.
      > So there are several important data on the box, including pictures and
      > short videos from the last 3 years with our little kids, which are
      > important memories for our family.
      > We appreciate any comments and help from you experts out there.
      > Thank you so much,
      > Ronia
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