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23427Re: [archosjukebox6000] Re: Another HD question

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  • Neon John
    Jan 2, 2007
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      On Tue, 2 Jan 2007 18:08:46 -0800 (PST), James Stewart
      <wartstew@...> wrote:

      >--- Mike Cocorochio <mcocorochio@...> wrote:
      >> One reason I'm still keeping the IDE adapter on my
      >> list is the incredibly long time it takes to get
      >> 20+ GB of data over USB 1.1 connection. Anyway, I
      >> can probably use the $5 adapter at work sometime.
      >Yea, I have one too. I sometimes use it to rescue
      >peoples' non booting laptop or other things using 2.5"

      Speaking of,


      Can't beat $13 for a USB/IDE adapter :-) I've bought a bunch of stuff
      from this guy and it's all been good. Generic ChiCom stuff but it
      works just like the name brand stuff.

      I still use this cable on drives going into JBRs because it's faster
      than the JBR even with USB 2.0.

      John De Armond
      See my website for my current email address
      Cleveland, Occupied TN
      Don't let your schooling interfere with your education-Mark Twain
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