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  • for_spam@gmx.de
    May 1, 2003
      >Last time I priced it at Archos they sneered $40.00 with an evil
      >chuckle..Has any one else used a standard or different brand USB cable with
      >their Archos??..--Phyllis

      this price is completely nuts - don`t know what madman at archos decided
      that price.
      just go buy a 'cookie-cutter' a-to-a usb cable at any computer store - they
      work without problems.
      mine was ~1$.
      they are hard to find, sometimes - but every better sorted dealer should
      have them.
      i also saw some super-duper,gold-plated & double screened luxus version of
      that cable - must
      have been ~10$ :D

      ARCHOS! Are you kidding ? Please cut that price down and don`t exploit
      people who just don`t better know, what to buy and where to buy !


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