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Issue #9: Sept 11 Web Collection and a related archive's TV Collection

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    Issue #9: Sept 11 Web Collection and a related archive s Sept 11-18th TV Collection September 11 Web Archive  http://september11.archive.org/ A Library of Web
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2001
      Issue #9: Sept 11 Web Collection and a related archive's Sept
      11-18th TV Collection

      September 11 Web Archive  http://september11.archive.org/
      A Library of Web Content From Around the Globe.

      The tragic events of September 11, 2001, prompted web
      creators around the world to respond.  Memorial sites, tribute
      pages and survivor registries were created.  Corporations and
      non-profits solicited donations for charity.  News sites from
      countless countries dedicated their resources to reporting the
      disaster and its aftermath and government sites sought to
      inform and reassure the people.  Highlighted below are a few of
      the many thousands of sites represented in this Internet library.

      Government / Military
      Government and Military sites continued their important mission
      to serve the people.
      * www.whitehouse.gov
      * www.defenselink.mil
      * www.firstgov.gov
      * www.fema.gov  

      Charitable Organizations
      Charitable organizations responded immediately to the crisis
      and began collecting donations for the victims.
      * www.redcross.org
      * christianity.com/salvationarmyusa
      * www.libertyunites.org
      * www.helping.org

      International News
      International news media represented many voices from around
      the globe.
      * lemonde.fr
      * bbc.co.uk     

      National News
      Virtually all news sites provided non-stop coverage of the events
      of September 11th.
      * usatoday.com
      * cnn.com
      * foxnews.com
      * pbs.org

      This collection of archived documents was commissioned by the
      Library of Congress to preserve digital materials covering the
      events of September 11, 2001. Additional assistance has been
      provided by Alexa Internet, webArchivist.org and Pew Internet &
      American Life.  This collection contains more than 5 terabytes of
      data gathered from 9/11/2001 to the present.  For more
      information see the FAQs.
      September 11 Television Archive  from the Television Archive
      The events of September 11th affected the entire world.
      Reactions around the globe have been captured in this archive
      of television news broadcasts from the period following the
      attacks. We invite you to explore the collection and share your
      thoughts with other archive users.

      programs include:
      - Good Morning America is interrupted at 8:51am as Diane
      Sawyer announces an explosion at the World Trade Center.
      - While showing live coverage of the World Trade Center fire, a
      second plane strikes.
      - Half an hour after the south tower collapses, World Trade
      Center 1 collapses on live TV.
      - The Japan Broadcasting Corporation shows live coverage of
      the Pentagon crash.
      - TV Azteca in Mexico carries President Bush's statements from
      Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana
      - China Central Television begins to cover the World Trade
      Center collapse and the second plane crash.
      - NTV from Moscow, Russia begins covering the events of the

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