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2008-0303 - KPL News

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    2008-0303 - KPL News http://www.kpl.net.la/ Thai Prime Minister arrives in Laos (KPL) Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej of the Kingdom of Thailand arrived in
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      2008-0303 - KPL News


      Thai Prime Minister arrives in Laos

      (KPL) Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej of the Kingdom of Thailand arrived in Vientiane last Friday, starting a two day state visit to the Lao PDR.
      Welcoming Prime Minister Sundaravej and his delegation at the airport were Mr. Sitahang Rasaphone, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Ouan Phommachanh, Lao Ambassador to Thailand and high ranking Lao officials.
      The official welcoming ceremony in honour of Thai Prime Minister and his delegation was led by Prime Minister Bouasone Bouphavanh at the National Assembly. Participating in the ceremony were member of government and those of the National Assembly, as well as high ranking officials of the Lao administration.
      A bilateral meeting between the government of Laos and Thailand was also held on the same day. At the meeting, the two prime ministers expressed their satisfactions over their friendship relation and co-operation in the past and present, especially the co-operation on politics, security, social-economic and technical co-operation. The sides also agreed to further their co-operation in order to bring the benefits for the two nations and people.
      Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej also paid a courtesy visit to the President Choummaly Sayasone.

      First meeting on Lao women’s dressing preservation held

      (KPL) A meeting on promotion and preservation of Lao women’s dressing custom, was held on 28 February, at the Lao Women’s Union (LWU) to promote a long traditional culture of nation on dressing of Lao ethnic women.
      The meeting was chaired by Ms Sisay Leudethmounsone, President of Lao Women’s Union (LWU) where was attended by Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, heads of Culture Department, Vientiane Information and Culture Service.
      This meeting was an important due to this was the first event to provide a plat form participants to discuss and share ideas in the conservation and promotion of fine national culture of Lao women’s dressing.
      Under the supervision of the Party and Government on the conservation and promotion of a long traditional culture and national patriotism has been implemented so far, the fine culture of Lao women’s dressing has been conserved and promoted effectively.
      As a result the Lao women have played an important role and been a force contributing to national construction and defence.
      The Lao Women’s Union has so far educated and trained on weaving skill and handicraft artisan to women in society which considered as conservation of a unique dressing of Lao women.
      These products are now popular between local people and foreigners.
      The Lao Women’s Union of all levels have so far paid all efforts to educate and train Lao women through its activities by focussing on preserving and promoting Lao culture.
      The union in cooperation with the Ministry of Information and Culture and different sectors have researched and determined a rule of dressing for each ages of women that Lao women are promoted to dress Lao skirt when they were in temples, worship places and state offices.

      Laos comments on Kosovo

      (KPL) Mr. Yong Chanthalansy, Spokeman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 27 February made a statement on the announcement of Kosovo’s separation to be independent.
      The spokesman said the arbitrary announcement of Kosovo’s independence from Serbia on February 17 might create tension and effect the stability and security of the Serbian people, as well as peace in Europe and in the world.
      The Lao PDR urged all sides to respect the resolution of the UN Security Council No 1244, dated June 10, 1999, recognizing Kosovo as a Serbian province.

      Vientiane Mayor receives new French Ambassador

      (KPL) Vientiane Mayor Dr. Sinlavong Khoutphaythoune last Thursday received new French Ambassador to Laos Mr Francois Senemuad at his office in Vientiane.
      At the amicable talks, both sides highly valued the successful co-operation between the two countries in previous years.
      Vientiane has many projects run by the assistance from the French government, including Water Supply Expansion Project, which receives EUR 5.5 million and railroad survey project with the assistance from France worth over EUR 200,000. The provision of grant from France constitutes an important contribution to Vientiane’s infrastructure development.
      Last year the French government provided 300,000 Euro for decorating the main roads of Vientiane for hosting the International Francophonie Ministerial Meeting and other projects of Vientiane.
      Dr. Sinlavong expressed thanks to the French government and its people for their co-operation and assistance to Laos especially Vientiane Capital and hoped that the new ambassador will further promote French government’s assistance to Laos including Vientiane for its infrastructure development.
      Vientiane authorities are preparing for its 450th Anniversary celebration in 2010 and the 25th South East Asian Games in 2009.

      Laos to join ITB in Berlin 2008

      (KPL) Lao National Tourism Administration and Lao Tourism Business Association have claimed to participate in International Tourism Exchange (IPB) Exhibition to be held in Berlin between 5 and 9 March.
      The international event is expected to attract more than 100,000 people worldwide and more than 8,000 reporters. It is also expected that after the event Lao tourism businesses will also take part in international tourism event Le Monde a Paris in France.
      Seeking tourism market in Europe is a priority of Lao Tourism Business Association, said last week Mrs Vayakone Phothisane, the president of the association.
      “The participation of Lao delegation was supported by European Union Asia Invest II Programme and the members of Lao Tourism Business Association.”

      Sida supports environmental management project in Vientiane province

      (KPL) The Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) has agreed recently to support the implementation of the strengthening environment management project in Vientiane province.
      The MoU of providing grant aid of SIDA to Vientiane province was held on 28 February , 2008 was held between Dr. Viengsavanh Duangsavanh, Head of the Environmental Department, and Head of the SEM II project.
      The grant aids included educational equipment and pick up vehicle, photo copy machine, telephone-Fax, printer, laptop computer, digital camera worth US$ 32,318.
      This is a part of project to strengthening the environmental management project, phase II which commenced for implementing since September 2005 in five provinces of Huaphan, Vientiane, Attapeu, Phongsaly and Vientiane capital.
      The project, phase I, has commenced from February 2001 to 2005 by the Science Technology and Environmental Agency, in three provinces of Oudomsay, Xiengkhuang and Champassak.

      Laos, Thailand review Economic Crop Plantation System Improvement

      (KPL) Savannakhet of Laos and Moukdahane of Thailand held last week a meeting to avalueate their technical co-operation Lao-Thai Economic Crop Plantation System Improvement in the past one year.
      Since the meeting held in Nakornpanom (Thailand) last year we have conducted co-operative projects including crop and animal species exchange, agricultural soil analysis and training on producing maize, said last week Deputy Director of Agriculture and Forestry Service of Savannakhet Mr. Souliyo Keopharivan.
      Both sides also laid out plan to further their co-operation in the next one year including training on animal vaccination, land allocation for agricultural production, peanut plantation promotion, soya plantation and family based business.
      Attending the meeting were Deputy Governor of Savannakhet Dr. Souphan Keomisay and Deputy Governor of Moukdahane province, Thailand, Dr. Sommai Pisasin, Thai consul to Savannakhet province and concerned officials of both sides.
      Lao-Thai Economic Crop Plantation System Improvement has been established under the framework of Ayeyawady Chaophraya and Mekong Economic Co-operation Strategy (ACMECS.

      Champassak bans poultry products import

      (KPL) The administration of Champassak province has banned all kinds of poultry products import to prevent bird flu virus outbreak.
      The ban was followed up the realistic condition of bird flu that is being spread in some countries worldwide and neighbouring countries.
      At present, Laos considers as a significant problem by paying attention to the prevention work.
      In particularly Champassak province has already issued a temporary notice to ban local merchants and another persons import the poultry products such as eggs, chicken, internal organ of poultry or even parts of poultry.
      In addition, the provincial administration stressed the Livestock Extension and Fishery Service to take more into account surveillance poultry farms and risk areas.
      The trade of poultry and other poultry products is also being controlled strictly in markets and other areas. The authorities will punish strictly to whom try to violate the ban and the transport of poultry products has to attach a vet document.
      The smuggling of poultry will be seized and destroyed immediately under the regulation, Mr Phonesay who an official of vet patrol team is attach to the Provincial Livestock Extension and Agriculture Service said last week.
      He added that now the authorities are on patrol in the Pakse district, particularly in markets.
      On 22 February, more than 160 smuggled egg trays, 25 kg of lime of chickens valued at 3.7 million kip were seized, which this number of smuggled products have already been destroyed at the same day.

      Japan supports UXO Laos

      (KPL) The Government of Japan has agreed to provide over 8 billion kip (USD838,833) of grant assistance for the Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS) to implement the project of clearing unexploded ordinances (UXO) in Xiengkhouang province, under the Grant Assistance Scheme for Japanese NGOs Projects.
      The Grant Contract of the above-mentioned project was signed on 28 February at the Embassy of Japan to Laos, by Japanese Ambassador to the Lao PDR Mr. Masaaki Miyashita and Country Representative of JMAS, a Japanese NGO, Mr Tomoyasu Tagawa.
      Under this project, JMAS will provide financial and technical support for the activities of UXO Laos in Xiengkhouang province.
      It is a good example of the collaboration between the Government of Japan, the Government of Laos and International Development agencies, namely JAMS and UNDP.
      Laos was heavily bombed during the Indochina War. Thirty years after the war, UXO still threatens people’s lives in 15 out of the 17 provinces in Laos.
      Xiengkhouang province, famous for mysterious stone urns scattered across the Plain of Jars, is the most heavily UXO-contaminated province. This project will contribute to improving the quality of life of people in the province by reducing the number of casualties as well as through increasing lands available for agriculture and other development activities.
      Japan is one of the most significant donors to the UXO clearance of Laos.

      Smuggled pork seized

      (KPL) The authorities were able to seize some number of pork smuggled from Vietnam on 27 February, Vientiane Capital.
      The 12 sacks of pork, weighing at 250 kg, worth 2.5 million kip have been seized on Hanoi-Vientiane bus.
      According to the Head of Trade Inspection Office is attach to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr Odai Vongkhyly who disclosed that this was a prohibited goods were smuggle from Vietnam borders.
      The merchants and entrepreneurs who involved in this business should respect the law, Mr Odai added.

      Oudomsay provides 112 million kip to the poor

      (KPL) Oudomsay Rural Development Project has provided two financial assistant packages of 56.8 million kip to Ban Katangya and Ban Nammao, Houn district.
      Late last month, the presentation was performed by the head of the project Mr. Houmphan Boupphakham and the representatives of the villages among the witness of Head of Administration Office of Houn district Mr. Thongphet Phanthavong, local authorities and villagers.
      The financial assistance is to strengthen the saving funds of both villages Katangya and Nammao, which provide low interest loans to the locals to support their income generation such as cash crop production and animal husbandry to reduce the poverty of the villagers.
      At the event Mr. Houmphan and Thongphet also asked local villagers to ensure the efficient use of the financial package in line with the aspiration of the project.
      After presenting fund to both villages the project will further present financial assistance to six villages of Houn and La districts, said Mr. Pao Ly, Deputy Head of Rural Development Project.
      The Rural Development Project of Oudomsay province has been established to support the poverty reduction of local villagers after they stop their slash and burn cultivation practice.

      More 11 illegal Hmong migrants repatriated from Thailand

      (KPL) 11 Hmong who illegally entered Thailand long time ago were repatriated to the Lao PDR, their homeland, last week.
      The repatriation was the result of an agreement signed at a meeting held from September 19 to 20 last year in Vangvieng district, Vientiane province by the two sub-committee in a bid to repatriate all Lao Hmong migrants in Thailand by the end of this year.
      A handover ceremony for the group took place in Vientiane between the two Sub-Committees for Co-operation on Security along the shared border of Laos and Thailand.
      According to the local source, the government of Laos will give them money and rice on their return to help them integrate into local communities. The government will also provide shelters and farmland for those who had sold all their property or who had formerly relied on slash and burn cultivation as a livelihood.
      This is the third time that Lao Hmong have been repatriated to Laos since 2006, bringing the total number of returnees to 203.
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