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Egyptology project

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  • archaic egypt
    I worked in Egypt many years ago and since have found a great interest in ancient Egypt. I have had some thoughts about how to promote Egyptology and to make
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2006
      I worked in Egypt many years ago and since have found a great interest in ancient Egypt.
      I have had some thoughts about how to promote Egyptology and to make resources public domain to the world.
      All over the internet there are gobs of pictures of ancient Egyptians which some one took from a publication or Museum print, then some one else copied it and then another... Some of the jokers who copied it from some one else's site actually think they can copyright that page.. maybe the text but not the pictures.
      Yes all groups have 20 megs to store their group pictures, but any one looking for special pictures would have to join each group and explore them one by one to see if they had it.. and 20 meg will not begin to be enough space for an album to contain lots of good quality photos.
      If you look you will find multiple pictures of the very same painting or statue.. but some of them have a higher resolution.
      When the web began, web space was very expensive and people reduced their resolution to store poor resolution photos ... grainy ... poor detail and color.
      Now we can get gigabytes of free web space for our photographs.
      Now we have high resolution digital cameras.
      I began by creating a hub to unite all owners of Yahoo Egyptian groups
      The idea is to bring all their members together in a search of high resolution pictures of ancient Egyptians.
      The pictures to be stored in a public domain photo album.
      Say some one contributes or finds an image of the burst of Tut that is 45kb
      Later another guy finds an image of the same burst that is 200kb
      The higher resolution of the image replaces the old one.
      As the images are added to the public domain album, the group owners or any of their members can link to the high resolution photos of high quality.
      This is not another discussion group. Any one who joins should use the no mail option and the only thing they would post to the group is pictures or links to good quality pictures.
      By being a member and using the no mail option, they can send pictures to be viewed and moved to the public domain album.
      Any other group owners who have the time can be moderators to decide if the contributions are something we do not already have or to decide it is a better quality picture.
      I would suggest we start with one famous pharaoh and work out the process we will use.
      Photos should be of the original wall painting or statue
      No PhotoShopp stuff
      In addition to our high resolution photos, there would be a page that tells
      When and where it was found, and
      In what museum or tomb the actual image/wall painting is at the present time
      This is the first group I have started with and I would ask that you be the King Tut experts, researchers
      A couple questions..
      #1 Is any one in this group living in Egypt?
      #2 Does any one here have any contacts in an Egyptian university or museum?
      #3 Are there any university students (past or present) outside of Egypt interested in creating a world wide group to unite Egyptology lovers every where in projects.
      I will spell that out in another post
      Thanks Sam


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