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Re: Ancient Lingua Franca

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  • catshaman
    Touche���� Scotty You got a point there. There are several scripts in America however not in plain English or Spanish with Italian letters. Cultures like
    Message 1 of 7567 , Sep 1, 2001
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      Touche� Scotty<br>You got a point there. There
      are several scripts in America however not in plain
      English or Spanish with Italian letters. Cultures like
      Maya, Aztec, Mixtec have their scripts, which were
      sufficient for their needs. As far as I know at least the
      Hopi Indians had their symbol vocabulary
      too<br>.<br>It is a question of curiosity if they used paper and
      ink and wrote in pure English. In modern archaeology
      we need wider definitions of the situation when
      people communicate with each other using symbols and
      icons � and for us is the most interesting aspect that
      they communicate with us too since script could be a
      memory. If only we can understand their
      message.<br>.<br>We cannot expect that we should learn foreign symbol
      languages at a coffee break. It takes tens of years to
      understand the Egyptian wall decorations since the reader
      must consider every detail in the decorated wall.
      Between the lines of symbols are icons for year, ritual,
      season and so on. The message lies in all the small
      facts we get.<br>.<br>Lately I showed that it is too
      easy to say that some figures and symbols "are demons
      from the underworld" � or that some wall paintings
      were made for magic purposes. I ask for a good
      crystals globe so I for sure could learn from our
      ancestors if they taught that way. I think they were as
      rational as we are.<br>.<br>Instead we can without too
      much guessing or theory making s try to find the
      natural environment and culture behind the "texts" =
      often messages consisting of pictures, symbols and
      other things. For around 150 years they have overlooked
      the small script symbols in Scandinavian rock
      carvings. They cannot expect to get a plausible answer if
      they leave out half of the message. That counts for
      many other ancient scripts too.<br>.<br>Even when they
      began to use written text there was often another part
      of the message included and the messenger brought a
      letter and explained what the writer really meant � they
      tell. There are many reasons to pledge for a wider look
      at communication and
      script.<br>Cheers<br>Casthaman<br>PS. Scotty I regret that I have not the time and
      money to use the Mormon Books, I have to manage
    • bacchus
      Pure nonsense
      Message 7567 of 7567 , Apr 7, 2002
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        Pure nonsense

        no_reply@yahoogroups.com wrote:

        > Chemistry, physics, botany, medicine, archeology, tanatology,
        > photography, coin collecting, Biblical exegesis, the science of
        > textiles, the history of art, microscopic observation, space science
        > and modern computers continue stubbornly to try to answer the
        > fascinating question: who is the man of the Shroud? An incredible
        > series of coincidences between the Shroud Image and the Evangelical
        > Figure of the Man of Sorrows, crucified in Jerusalem when Pontius
        > Pilate was public prosecutor makes it certain that the Sheet kept in
        > Turin is that which wrapped the Body of Christ.
        > In fact nowadays when we are so preoccupied with images, highly
        > sophisticated scientific research and electronic computers, so far
        > from the Faith of simple people, have penetrated the Mystery of the
        > Shroud Imprint to the point of making us say: the Shroud is not a
        > work of man nor of physical causes known to man. We owe them our
        > gratitude for this Message to an inattentive and disappointed mankind
        > that only in Christ can the Eternal live and not the transient.
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