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E-books , how to find them

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  • luizestrella
    Hey , i found some e-books websites 1 www.oup.co.uk/readingroom/ 2 www.oup-usa.org then you search for sample chapters 3 www.yale.edu/yup then
    Message 1 of 7567 , Dec 1, 2000
      Hey , i found some e-books websites <br>1
      www.oup.co.uk/readingroom/<br>2 www.oup-usa.org then you search for sample <br>
      chapters <br>3 www.yale.edu/yup then you search for
      first<br> chapters<br>4 www.cup.cam.ac.uk then you search
      for sample<br> chapters<br>5
      digital.library.upenn.ed/books.html<br>6 www.press.jhu.edu then you click first <br>
      chapters<br>7 www.pup.princeton.edu then you click <br> sample
    • bacchus
      Pure nonsense
      Message 7567 of 7567 , Apr 7, 2002
        Pure nonsense

        no_reply@yahoogroups.com wrote:

        > Chemistry, physics, botany, medicine, archeology, tanatology,
        > photography, coin collecting, Biblical exegesis, the science of
        > textiles, the history of art, microscopic observation, space science
        > and modern computers continue stubbornly to try to answer the
        > fascinating question: who is the man of the Shroud? An incredible
        > series of coincidences between the Shroud Image and the Evangelical
        > Figure of the Man of Sorrows, crucified in Jerusalem when Pontius
        > Pilate was public prosecutor makes it certain that the Sheet kept in
        > Turin is that which wrapped the Body of Christ.
        > In fact nowadays when we are so preoccupied with images, highly
        > sophisticated scientific research and electronic computers, so far
        > from the Faith of simple people, have penetrated the Mystery of the
        > Shroud Imprint to the point of making us say: the Shroud is not a
        > work of man nor of physical causes known to man. We owe them our
        > gratitude for this Message to an inattentive and disappointed mankind
        > that only in Christ can the Eternal live and not the transient.
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        > http://digilander.iol.it/crescinidue
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