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The Altar of Zeus(Pergamon)

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  • pamphilian
    The Altar of Zeus is the altar which was previously on the acropolis of ancient city of Pergamon where is now inside the borders of Bergama district of
    Message 1 of 7567 , Jan 1, 1999
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      The Altar of Zeus is the altar which was
      previously on the acropolis of ancient city of Pergamon
      where is now inside the borders of Bergama district of
      �zmir(Smyrna) in Turkey.It was built in the memory of the
      victory won by II Eumenes(197 BC-160/159 BC),the king of
      Pergamon,against III Antiokhos,the king of Seleukids,and the
      Galaetians and was pledged to Zeus and Athena.<br>In 1878 it
      was found and excavated by a German engineer named
      Carl Human working to lay railway track on the
      region.With the permission of the Ottoman Empire the whole
      altar was broken in to pieces,taken to Berlin and
      rebuilt there(except the basis).<br>The reliefs on the
      altar,which are the most splendid examples of the Hellenistic
      Period sculpture and the Pergamon School of
      Sculpture,demonstrates the war between the gods and the
      giants(Gigantomakhia).The triumphing gods symbolizes the Pergamonians and
      the defeated giants symbolizes the Galaetians.Zeus
      and nearly all Greek gods exist on the
      phrase.<br>Well...everything is fine at its own place.I am sure The Altar of
      Zeus will look much better on the green hills of
      ancient Pergamon rather than between the walls of a dark
      museum,hundreds of miles from its home...<br>(please excuse my
    • bacchus
      Pure nonsense
      Message 7567 of 7567 , Apr 7, 2002
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        Pure nonsense

        no_reply@yahoogroups.com wrote:

        > Chemistry, physics, botany, medicine, archeology, tanatology,
        > photography, coin collecting, Biblical exegesis, the science of
        > textiles, the history of art, microscopic observation, space science
        > and modern computers continue stubbornly to try to answer the
        > fascinating question: who is the man of the Shroud? An incredible
        > series of coincidences between the Shroud Image and the Evangelical
        > Figure of the Man of Sorrows, crucified in Jerusalem when Pontius
        > Pilate was public prosecutor makes it certain that the Sheet kept in
        > Turin is that which wrapped the Body of Christ.
        > In fact nowadays when we are so preoccupied with images, highly
        > sophisticated scientific research and electronic computers, so far
        > from the Faith of simple people, have penetrated the Mystery of the
        > Shroud Imprint to the point of making us say: the Shroud is not a
        > work of man nor of physical causes known to man. We owe them our
        > gratitude for this Message to an inattentive and disappointed mankind
        > that only in Christ can the Eternal live and not the transient.
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