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Bactra discovery

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  • Yigal Levin
    ... of a piece posted at ; see also
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      From AGADE:
      >From Jona Lendering <adsl294196@...> came this translation
      of a piece posted at
      kh-monument.shtml>; see also
      <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Iranica-L/message/2204>. He adds:
      Hellenistic Bactra is a continuation of an Achaemenid settlement.
      This is where reportedly Alexander and Roxane were married and
      Zarathustra was killed.

      Discovery of a historical site near Balkh

      27 July 2006

      Authorities declare that a Hellenistic site has been identified near
      Balkh, in the north of Afghanistan, and that it is about 2,000 years

      The site, about 25 km from Mazar-e Sharif, at first sight looks
      like a ruin on a hill. Of what is called an ancient building, only
      the remains of a mud-brick wall survive. Due to natural causes and
      war, this building has collapsed and was covered by earth.

      Mr. Said Reza Hosseini, archaeologist of the Agency for Information
      and Culture in Balkh, says that this site was discovered by
      smugglers of antiquities. They have made great holes in the ruins.

      Mr. Hosseini tells that fortunately, the site became known to the
      authorities before the looters were able to remove the stone base
      of a column that was probably made in the Hellenistic Age.

      Mr. Hosseini believes that, except for the column base, many
      objects of historical value can be discovered. The archaeologist
      believes that the site has been a fort guarding the entrance of
      Balkh, and assumes that it is more than 2,000 years old. He infers
      that the ruins in hill are of the same age.

      The archaeologist is greatly worried about the ineffective measures
      to protect this historical site and stresses that the Afghan
      government must take precautions to ensure the safety of those
      working on this important site.

      [Text Haroon Najafizada, BBC on
      kh-monument.shtml; translation Sharona Asghari]
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