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Fwd: Anthropology petition against Intelligent Design being taught as science fact in the classroom

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  • Lucy
    ... http://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/SciRefGuides/flatearth.html ... http://shovelbums.org/index.php?option=com_mospetition&Itemid=506 ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2005
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      > The longer version:
      > Folks,
      > This is in no way presented as an atheistic or
      > anti-religious petition
      > which some are quick to brand it as when it
      > questions anything
      > relating to religion. This is just a petition
      > reflecting what I
      > believe are important thoughts on the roll of the
      > faith based
      > Intelligent Design initiative to be taught in public
      > schools. I
      > respect and support individual interpretations of
      > faith, I however do
      > not feel it is the roll of our public schools to
      > promote this.
      > Petition of Anthropologists & Biologists who are
      > opposed to the
      > teaching of Intelligent Design in public schools.
      > As the Dover, Pennsylvania debate on the teaching of
      > the faith based
      > theistic"Intelligent Design" moves into the courts
      > Sept 26,2005 I feel
      > it is imperative for scientists who are actually
      > trained in
      > evolutionary theory to weigh in. Currently the
      > Discovery Institute
      > initiated a petition in 2001 the Statement of
      > Dissent from Darwinism
      > which, as of July 2005 has a tally of 400
      > "scientists" who have
      > signed it (see Statement of Dissent from Darwin at
      > the Discovery
      > Institute for a list of signers). My issue with
      > this petition is that
      > it draws upon scientists from all branches of
      > science, not just those
      > who are educated specifically in the nuances of
      > evolutionary theory,
      > to present an image of "great discord" among
      > scientists about
      > evolution. Having these scientists from unrelated
      > fields is
      > misleading to the public and is the equivalent of an
      > anthropologist
      > signing a petition as a "scientist" against the Big
      > Bang theory.
      > While that anthropologist is entitled to their
      > personal and educated
      > view, to represent themselves as a "scientist"
      > qualified to make an
      > interpretation of the data which reflects the views
      > of the scientific
      > community as a whole they are not.
      > As an anthropologist, and I believe most open minded
      > scientists feel
      > the same way, I fully support people engaging in
      > religious expression.
      > And as all current and prehistoric religions I am
      > aware of have some
      > sort of a creation story to account for the
      > existence of man the
      > choice of the Discovery Institute to to promote the
      > idea of
      > "Intelligent Design" is not surprising. It is a
      > comforting way to
      > deal with the profound complexity of the existence
      > of life. It is
      > important to distinguish though that Intelligent
      > Designs foundation is
      > faith based, not fact based and therefore it is not
      > appropriate to be
      > taught at "science" in our public schools.
      > Are there problems with evolution? Hello? There
      > are problems with
      > theories relating to gravity, quantum physics,
      > psychology,
      > thermodynamics. You name it, if there is a
      > scientific field, their is
      > always dissent. Heck there are more members of the
      > flat earth society
      > than there are signers of the Statement Of Dissent
      > From Darwinism
      > (see:
      > or
      > )http://www.theflatearthsociety.org/forums/ (3000
      > members of FES at
      > last count), but we do not teach that instead of
      > geography.
      > So I have put together a petition at
      > to be signed initially by biologists an
      > anthropologists who are in
      > favor of Intelligent Design not being taught as part
      > of the public
      > school science curriculum.
      > To make it interesting though I have a challenge for
      > you all - they
      > got 400 names in four years, I want to get 400 names
      > in four hours.
      > Best,
      > R. Joe


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