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The Truth for The Day – The sermon in the m ountain (The Beatitudes 7 of 9) (المو عظة على الجبل (الطوباويا ت 7 من 9 (February 20, 2013)

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  • Rabih Khreizat
    The meditation is after the verse التامل بعد الآيات   Arabic عربي English إنكليزي Françaisفرنسي   طوبى لصانعي
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2013

      The meditation is after the verse
      التامل بعد الآيات
      Arabic عربي
      English إنكليزي
      Français فرنسي
      طوبى لصانعي السلام. لانهم ابناء الله يدعون.
      متى 5: 9
      Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
      Matthew 5: 9 (KJV)
      Heureux ceux qui procurent la paix, car ils seront appelés fils de Dieu!
      Matthieu 5: 9
      The sermon in the mountain (The Beatitudes 7)
      The peacemakers aren’t the ones who won the Nobel Prize of peace, accept like mother Teresa, Other than that when you see the names you feel like “What?”
      The true peacemakers are the children of God and the children of God are the true peacemakers, you cannot be a peacemaker if you are not the child of God and you cannot be a child of God if you are not make peace. The children of God must always make peace with others and never surrender to hatred and anger.
      If you are a child of God and you are not a peacemaker, there is something wrong in your life you need to change, and you need to change it fast.
      الموعظة على الجبل (الطوباويات 7)
      صانعوا السلام ليسوا الذين ربحوا جائزة نوبل للسلام، ما عدا الأم تيريزا، ولكن إن نظرت إلى الأسماء الأخرى ستشعر كأنك تقول: "ماذا؟"
      صانعوا السلام الحقيقيون هم اولاد الله وأولاد الله هم صانعوا السلام الحقيققيين، فانت لا تستطيع ان تكون صانع سلام إن لم تكن إبن لله ولا تستطيع أن تكون إبن لله ولا تصنع السلام. فأولاد الله يجب أن يكونوا صناع سلام مع الآخرين ولا يستسلموا للكراهية والغضب.
      إذا كنت إبن لله ولست بصانع سلام، هناك شيء خاطئ في حياتك ويجب أن تغيره، وعليك ان تغيره بسرعة.
      I want to be the peacemaker for your names sake, so I deserve to be called Your child. Help me Holy Spirit so I can continue in serving you and serving all men and showing Your salvation to all those who are in need of You. Amen
      لا اريد سوى أن أكون صانع سلام من اجل اسمك، كي استحق أن أدعى ابنك. ساعدني يا روح الله القدوس كي أستمر في خدمتك وخدمة الآخرين وإظهار خلاصك لكل من يحتاجه. آمين.
      A Song
      ترنيمة in Arabic
      ضع في قلبي حباً

      The way for reading Arabic (With the Outlook, Outlook express or MSN Explorer 5 Or better only ) even if your computer does not support Arabic is as follow.
      When you use internet explorer browser ; look at the top where you can see: file, edit, view , favorites,..... click : view , then point the mouse to : encoding; there you'll find many choices ; click : Arabic (Windows ) or UNICODE (UTF-8) if the Arabic is not working, & that's all . ( you don't have to select the part you want to see it in Arabic) the same way, if you use outlook express.
      1. You don't need to have Arabic windows version to be able of reading Arabic, its enough to have Internet Explorer 5 or better.
      2. If you didn't find "Arabic (Windows)" from the encoding list, then you have to download the Arabic support package for windows.... its very easy to do... just follow these instructions 
      Click on Start --> Windows Update --> this will open your Internet Explorer on the windows update homepage.
      Click on Product Update --> Additional Windows Features --> you'll find many languages updates, check the Arabic Language and Click on Download
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