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  • Maged Tadros Wafik
    Hi dears  In the West, Thanksgiving celebration started as a religious feast , thanking God for the harvest season. It turned to a celebration of esharing a
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      Hi dears
       In the West, Thanksgiving celebration started as a religious feast , thanking God for the harvest season. It turned to a celebration of esharing a turkey with the family.                         
       We thank God for His indescribable Gift ( 2Co: 9:15); For His unconditional love " (Jn: 3:16& Ro: 5:8); For He created and gave us life. In the Liturgy of St Gregory we give thanks " You have created me man-Being Lover of mankind-.....Out of Your Kindness..." "All things was made though HIM ""O Lord, You Are our Father; we are the clay, and You are the Potter; we are all the work of Your Hand ( Jn: 1:3& Ashia, Is: 64:8); For considering us His adopted daughters and sons ( Jn: 1:12; 1Jn 3:1 and  Ps:127:3); For accepting us unto Him, for the Grace and the Holy Spirit working in us, ( 1Co:15:10& 3:16); For preserving us till this hour (Dt: 6:24); For protecting His Church (Matta, Mt: 16:18); for protecting us (Ps:124:2-3) ; For He spared us " The angel of the LORD encamps all around those who fear Him" ( Ps: 347); For He redeemed us (  Mt: 1:21, Luke: 1:68-69& Ashia, Is: 53:12); For He is a Forgiving Merciful LORD and do not deal with us according to
       our sins. Forgiveness of our sins is through our forgiveness of those who trespass against us (The Lord’s prayer), through the repentance, the confession ( 1Jn: 9) and the Holy Communion (The Holy Eucharist) ( Mt: 26:26-27). We thank GOD for He helped us" (Ps:10:14& 124:8 ); for He supported us, ( Is: 37:36; 40:31); for the nature around us, for giving us the authority to tread on serpents and scorpions ( The evil powers) and upon all powers of enemy ( Luke:10:19& prayer of thanksgiving). We thank God for giving us talents , for health and for being Healed from the diseases of our souls and bodies (Matta, Mt: 9:12; 4:24) 14:36). We thank GOD every second of our lives (  Col :3:17)& (Eph:5:20). We thank God because He gave us to know Him (Jn: 16:3). We thank GOD in time of joy and in time of tribulation (  Mt: 5:11; 1Toskalini, 1Thess 5:16-18&  Ac: 5:41). True believers rejoice when they suffer for the sake of His Holy Name. These sufferings are
       gifts ( Phil 1:29 & 3:10). We thank God over the tribulation and in time of sickness that make us weary, as this will help us to enter the Heavenly Kingdom(  Mt: 5:12). For this we call God "the Beneficent" (Prayer of thanksgiving). He does not do except good, ( Gen: 1:10& 1Ti: 4:4) If we believe in this, we will gladly accept everything which comes from Him and says in faith "All things work together for good" ( Ro; 8:28) and gives thanks to God (Ro: 12:12) .If we live the true life of thanksgiving, we would give thanks to God over every breath we respire, every step we walk, every work we do and everything that comes to us. We do not see anything which is not worthy of thanksgiving, and say about all what happens to us it is all for the good. But, some might ask and say: we believe - without doubt that whatever comes from God is good, but what about that which comes from people and might not all be good? To them it may be said : if the attitudes of
       people towards us were good, it will reach us good, but if not, God will change it, and it will reach us good at the end. If we give thanks to God over the tribulation we prove that we love God Himself and not His gifts. We do not only love Him for what He gives us: Health, wealth, generosity, comforts of life, or what He grants us, calmness and peace. God only is our goal, either He permits tribulations or good things we thank Him on every occasion and in every condition. We thank Him whatever happens, and do not allow mishaps to lessen our faith in God's protection or lessen our thanks to Him. We do not allow such events to take away our peace from us, or our rejoice in the Lord. Thank you our Heavenly Father.How lucky we are that our God is our Father!  So " ...whatever you do in word or deed , do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to GOD the Father through HIM" ( Col: 3:17).                 
        Quoted: The Holy Bible, The Holy Basilic Liturgy, Thanksgivings prayer and H H Pope Shenouda book (Life of thanksgiving)
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