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Orthodox Spirituality Part. 15. English/Arabic

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      To: arbible@yahoogroups.com
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      Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 02:04:46 +0000
      Subject: [Zeitun-eg.net/StMina-Monastery.org] Orthodox Spirituality P. 15


      Dear fathers, sisters and brothers
      Today, St. Mark's Orthodox Fellowship (SMOF) continues posting the current section (part 15) of the book, "Orthodox Spirituality" by Dr. Nos'hi Abdel-Shaheed. This book was published in Arabic by "Beit Eltakrees", Cairo, Egypt in 2008. SMOF is translating the book to English and publishing it in alternation with the "BIBLE STUDY" series. We feel it is important to understand Orthodoxy by recognizing the effects of its Dogmas in the Spiritual life of the believers. This is especially important for servants of Orthodox Churches in the Diaspora, to help maintain the Orthodoxy of their teaching, and to maintain good relations with our brethren in the other non-Orthodox Churches at the same time.
      ORTHODOC SPIRITUALITY p.14 was posted on the 10th of Nov. 2011 (message #62447).

      Please, notice the announcements posted after the end of the study. To read this "Orthodox Spirituality" in ARABIC see these announcements.



      Dr. Nos'hi Abdel-Shaheed

      PART 15

      CHAPTER 1

      Historical Development of Orthodox Spirituality


      5-The Liturgical element

      Orthodox piety is liturgical in many ways. First, the Orthodox Church dispenses not only the Word, but the Sacraments, which infiltrate every element of the life of her children.  The Church presents each sacrament through a liturgy that is appropriate to the specific sacrament.  There is a liturgy for baptism and unction with oil (Myroon, Chrismation) for the newly baptized, adults or children.  There is also the liturgy of the Eucharist, usually known as Holy Mass (El-Koddas). The Holy Liturgy comprises the main Orthodox worship, whether on Sundays or mid week or main feasts.

      Second, the liturgical worship of the Orthodox Church is extremely elaborate, full of spiritual meaning and beauty.  Prayers are lengthy especially during the night liturgies before any feast and during the Holy week (Pascha).

      Thirdly, collective forms of worship predominate over “private devotions”.  Participating in Holy Liturgy with other members of the Church as previously mentioned, is the main Orthodox worship in all occasions.  It is also obvious that the Holy Liturgy worship is a group worship that nourishes individual spiritual life by uniting with the rest of the body of the Church in prayers and praises, and in listening to the sermon given during the liturgy.

      Lastly, the church calendar frames the whole year in the stages of The Savior’s earthly life: birth, baptism, Christ’s fasting, His sufferings, hanging on the cross, resurrection and ascension into the heavens, and sending The Holy Spirit to the Church. The prayers and readings from the Holy Bible portray the life of Jesus to the believers during liturgy in every event of the life of Jesus on earth.  Thus, it helps make the realization of the presence of Christ in the life of the believers in the feasts of the Lord as well as in the feast of the Day of the Lord: Sunday.

      But, besides the general settings and inspiration which the church’s ritual gives to the religious life, there exists, within the Orthodox tradition, a properly “liturgical” line of thought  and piety.  A whole school of saints and doctors have conceived the entire Christian life according to a liturgical type and rhythm; it is in the Church ritual that they seek and find the successive stages of the normal development of the Christian soul.

      (To be contd.)


      Saint Mark's Orthodox Fellowship urges you to study the Bible and Orthodoxy, and encourage others to do the same. Please feel free to make any copies from these notes and distribute them to your relatives and friends. The Fellowship welcomes any questions, comments or additional references, whether for publication in these series or as a private correspondence.

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