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Oh God!

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  • Father Daoud Lamei
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2011
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      Oh God ,

      Thank You for all the pains and sufferings you gifted us with in this New Year.

       Thank you for letting us, as your private beloved church, share your blood, cries and tears.

      Thank You Lord because You know quite well what You are doing for the salvation of everybody.

       Please please God, accept our dear sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, whom You received their souls last night, as living loving sacrifices.

      Give them all the crown of martyrdom.

      Please support those who are in burns and severe pains for Your name.

      Please support their families who couldn’t say Happy New Year.

       Please guard and guide our church through this narrow tunnel to Your kingdom of heaven.

       Please accept our cries and tears with those mothers of the kids of Bethlehem.

       Please Lord, show Your powerful hand which assisted Your people all through their life and take Yourself the revenge of the blood of Your dearest kids.


      Please Lord …. Please accept our cries and prayers with the tears and prayers of our beloved St. Mary

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