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The Truth for The Day (2 October 2010)

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  • Rabih Khreizat
    The meditation is after the verse التامل بعد الآيات Arabic عربي English إنكليزي Françaisفرنسي فَتَأَنَّوْا
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2010
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      The meditation is after the verse

      التامل بعد الآيات


      Arabic عربي

      English إنكليزي

      Français فرنسي


      فَتَأَنَّوْا أَيُّهَا الإِخْوَةُ إِلَى مَجِيءِ الرَّبِّ. هُوَذَا الْفَّلاَحُ يَنْتَظِرُ ثَمَرَ الأَرْضِ الثَّمِينَ، مُتَأَنِّيًا عَلَيْهِ حَتَّى يَنَالَ الْمَطَرَ الْمُبَكِّرَ وَالْمُتَأَخِّرَ. فَتَأَنَّوْا أَنْتُمْ وَثَبِّتُوا قُلُوبَكُمْ، لأَنَّ مَجِيءَ الرَّبِّ قَدِ اقْتَرَبَ.

      يعقوب 5: 7-8



      Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.

      James 5: 7-8 (NKJV)



      Soyez donc patients, frères jusqu'à l'avènement du Seigneur. Voici, le laboureur attend le précieux fruit de la terre, prenant patience à son égard, jusqu'à ce qu'il ait reçu les pluies de la première et de l'arrière-saison. Vous aussi, soyez patients, affermissez vos coeurs, car l'avènement du Seigneur est proche.

      Jacques 5: 7-8






      Patience and waiting for the coming of the LORD!! A hard thing to do. For we do not know when He is coming, and our problems are still looking without end. Every day a new problem, a new sickness and a new weariness.


      Yesterday, we had a chance to be with a true Christian family, witnessed for by God and people, and the talk was all about depending on the LORD and not looking back on the past and specially at the materialistic things.


      The most important thing was in the talk is that the person have to saw in small things so he can reap big things, maybe he will not see it now but there is always the early and later rain, it is coming even if we can’t feel it.


      The LORD is assuring His coming to save you from all the things that is bothering you and keeping your mind busy about it. And He only requires us to plant the small seeds to reap the precious fruits.



      التأني والصبر لمجيء الرب!! أمر صعب. لأننا لا نعلم متى سيأتي، وتظل مشاكلنا لا يظهر لها نهاية. كل يوم مشكلة جديدة، مرض جديد وتعب جديد.


      بالأمس كنا في لقاء مع عائلة مؤمنة في الرب ومشهود لها من الله والناس وكان محور الكلام عن الإعتماد على الرب وعدم النظر إلى الماضي وخصوصاً بالامور المادية.


      وأهم شيء أن يزرع الإنسان في الأشياء الصغيرة كي يحصد الأمور الكبيرة، يمكن لن يراها الآن ولكن دائماً هناك المطر المبكر والمتأخر ولكنه آت حتى لو حسينا أنه لن يأتي.


      فالرب يؤكد مجيئه لكم لكي يخلصكم من كل تلك الأمور التي تشغل بالكم ولا يطلب سوى ان نزرع البذار الصغيرة كي نحصد الثمر الثمين.





      Teach us LORD to wait and be patient till the day you come, teach us how to saw so we can reap and help us with your Holy Spirit so we don’t feel the pain or sadness or regrets for any material things. Amen.



      علمنا يا رب أن نتأنى وأن نصبر إلى يوم مجيئك، علمنا كيف نزرع لكي نحصد وأعنا بروحك القدوس كي لا نشعر بأي ألم أو حزن أو ندم على الأشياء المادية. آمين.


      A Song

      ترنيمة in Arabic


      Come Lord Jesus



      انتظري الرب يا نفسي – ليديا شديد





      The way for reading Arabic (With the Outlook, Outlook express or MSN Explorer 5 Or better only ) even if your computer does not support Arabic is as follow.

      When you use internet explorer browser ; look at the top where you can see: file, edit, view , favorites,..... click : view , then point the mouse to : encoding; there you'll find many choices ; click : Arabic (Windows ) or UNICODE (UTF-8) if the Arabic is not working, & that's all . ( you don't have to select the part you want to see it in Arabic) the same way, if you use outlook express.


      1. You don't need to have Arabic windows version to be able of reading Arabic, its enough to have Internet Explorer 5 or better.


      2. If you didn't find "Arabic (Windows)" from the encoding list, then you have to download the Arabic support package for windows.... its very easy to do... just follow these instructions 

      Click on Start --> Windows Update --> this will open your Internet Explorer on the windows update homepage.

      Click on Product Update --> Additional Windows Features --> you'll find many languages updates, check the Arabic Language and Click on Download


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