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Meditaions- Part 1- The Divine Incarnation 1

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  • Maged Tadros Wafik
    In the NAME of the FATHER, SON& HOLY SPIRIT ONE GOD AMEN Dear fathers, sister and brothers in the LORD The DIVINE INCARNATION ( MEDITATIONS-1) The Blessing we
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2007
      In the NAME of the FATHER, 
      Dear fathers, sister and brothers in the LORD
      The Blessing we gained though the Incarnation of The LOGOS.
      When man disobeyed God and sinned, man really died from a spiritual standpoint, and lost connection to the source of his life (God). To get man to live again, his connection to God had to be restored We can explain this by an example of an electric bulb which if disconnected from an electric circuit, the bulb’s light would immediately go out. To get the bulb to light again, we have to connect it back to the same electric current. Incarnation, in the simplest terms, means that God became man in order to unit Himself with our nature and to give our nature life, glory and honor. Blessed our nature in HIM. Incarnation distinguishes Christianity from all other religions. Any practice, not based on the concept of   the DIVINE Incarnation, can not be regarded as a Christian virtue.
      God created man in his image. Man was created to live for ever & to live in holiness and righteousness – but this has to come as a free choice Sin has distorted the Image of God in man. .Through the Incarnation, this image was restored. God, out of His incredible love, agreed to become man to restore the lost connection. St John Chrysostom says ”This is why HE Took my flesh to Sanctify me & Gave me HIS Spirit to Save me. ”Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus: who, existing in the form of God, did not count the being equal with God a prize, but Emptied Himself, Taking the form of a bond-servant, Coming in the likeness of men.”( Philipii, Phil: 2:5-7) “ But as many as received Him, to them He Gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His Name: who were born...... from God.” ( Youhanna, Jn: 1:12-13) “Sanctify them in the Truth: Your Word is Truth. As You Did Send ME into the world, even so I Sent them into the world. And I Sanctify MYSELF on behalf of them, that they themselves may also be sanctified in Trut....... that they may all be one; like YOU, FATHER, Are in ME and I in YOU , that they may also be in US: that the world may believe that YOU Did send ME. And the Glory which YOU Have Given ME I Have Given to them; that they may be one, JUST As WE Are ONE( Youhanna, Jn:17:17-23) .When Christ was incarnate, His Life was poured into our human nature. That is why we refer to communion as the “life-giving body”.Then JESUS said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, Unless you eat the Flesh of the Son of Man and drink HIS Blood, you have no life in you. He who eats MY Flesh and drinks MY Blood has eternal life and I Will raise him up in the last day( Youhanna, Jn6:53-58).Quoted-Servant of the LORD. May the LORD Support us to desreve the Blessings we gained through the DIVINE INCARNATION AMEN.GBU all, Plz pray 4 us.urbrother&family

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