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Re: Bible Study Selections - Mail No.47

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  • Father Dawood Lamei
    _____ If you don t see the arabic symbols please try, right click on the page and select ENCODING-- UNICODE(UTF-8) or click here
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2006

      If you don't see the arabic symbols please try,
      right click on the page and select ENCODING-->UNICODE(UTF-8)
      or click here


      Thank you for your interest in receiving our weekly Mail Shooter.

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      ط¸â€‍ط¸ئ’ط¸ظ¹ ط·ع¾ط·ع¾ط¸â€¦ط¸ئ’ط¸â€  ط¸â€¦ط¸â€  ط¸â€ڑط·آ±ط·آ§ط·طŒط·آ© ط·آ§ط¸â€‍ط¸â€¦ط¸â€‍ط¸ظ¾ ط·آ§ط¸â€‍ط¸â€¦ط·آ±ط¸ظ¾ط¸â€ڑط¢آ ط·آ¥ط·آ¶ط·ط›ط·آ· ط¸â€،ط·آ°ط·آ§ ط·آ§ط¸â€‍ط¸â€‍ط¸ظ¹ط¸â€ ط¸ئ’

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      ط·آ¥ط·آ°ط·آ§ ط·آ£ط·آ±ط·آ¯ط·ع¾ ط·آ¥ط·آ¶ط·آ§ط¸ظ¾ط·آ© ط·آ£ط·آ³ط¸â€¦ط·آ§ط·طŒ ط·آ£ط¸â€° ط¸â€¦ط¸â€  ط·آ£ط¸â€ڑط·آ§ط·آ±ط·آ¨ط¸ئ’ ط·آ£ط¸ث† ط·آ£ط·آµط·آ¯ط¸â€ڑط·آ§ط·آ¦ط¸ئ’ ط·آ§ط¸â€‍ط¸â€° ط¸â€ڑط·آ§ط·آ¦ط¸â€¦ط·آ© ط·آ§ط¸â€‍ط·آ£ط·آ³ط¸â€¦ط·آ§ط·طŒ ط¸â€‍ط·آ¯ط¸ظ¹ط¸â€ ط·آ§ط·إ’ ط·آ¨ط·آ±ط·آ¬ط·آ§ط·طŒ ط¸â€¦ط¸â€‍ط¸â€°ط·طŒ ط·آ§ط¸â€‍ط·آ¨ط¸ظ¹ط·آ§ط¸â€ ط·آ§ط·ع¾ ط·آ§ط¸â€‍ط·آ®ط·آ§ط·آµط·آ© ط·آ¨ط¸â€، ط¸ظ¾ط¸â€° ط·آ§ط¸â€‍ط¸â€‍ط¸ظ¹ط¸â€ ط¸ئ’ ط·آ§ط¸â€‍ط¸â€¦ط·آ±ط¸ظ¾ط¸â€ڑ ط·آ£ط·آ¯ط¸â€ ط·آ§ط¸â€،ط¢آ 

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